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Pcmdaily DB 2010

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PCM.daily's first version of its 2010 DB, including 94 fully updated teams, 2010 shirts for 53 of them, 2010 races routes for The World Championships, the Tour, the Giro and much more other features.

READ THE F.A.Q. before asking a question!

Teams and riders

- 94 updated teams according to CQRanking and UCI (2010 shirts for 53 of them)

- C. 2800 riders

- C. 1000 free agents

- 31 dopers with a sort of injury that 'run out' when they are allowed to ride again

- C. 250 personalized skins

- Completely new photos for c. 2600 riders


- 257 races in total (91 new)

- 2010 profiles for the World Championship (RR and TT) in Melbourne, Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, Tour Down Under, Tour de Suisse, Grand Prix de Québec and Grand Prix de Montréal, Grand Prix La Marseillaise and Trofeo Laigueglia.

- 42 National Championships (RR and TT total)

- 16 Youth Races

- 2010 race dates (e.g. Tour of California in May)

- Cancelled races removed

- New Time Gap system to make smaller gaps more likely

- New variants for Dauphine Libere, Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana, Paris-Nice and several National Championships


- C. 192 frames

- C. 123 wheels

- C. 156 helmets


- UCI Sponsor Kit (replaces the original Cyanide one)

- 2009 Tour de France podium

- Cobblestone Addon

- Miya's "Open Mouth"-addon

- New Race Category icons

- New Country Flags

- "Cyanide News" replaced with "L'Equipe"

- Improved training system


- 10 new scouting zones

- Realistic Staff Names (and more staff in general)

- C. 600 Secondary Sponsors

- Cya Top Tour renamed to UCI Pro Tour

- Superprestige renamed to CQRanking*

*: The point schema is the original one. Changing it had too many negative side-effects.

Versione 2

The Giro d'Italia is over, and I'm sure that many of you will agree when I say that a large group of riders deserved some new stats. Therefore, we've been working on a second version of out 2010 DB, and we're now so far in the process that we can release a Public Beta. These are the main improvements:

- 2 teams deleted (Rock Racing and CC Bourgas), 2 added (Scott Marcondes and ISD Continental Team)

- 1 new race (Tour of Oman)

- 2010 profiles for 35 races (including the three GTs)

- Updated stats (last changes made on 30th of May)

- New equipment setup (please read the FAQ), including all the new 2010 material

- Lots of new 2010 shirts, both normal shirts, national champion shirts, race leader shirts, and more.

Please keep in mind that this is a Public Beta. The primary objective is to find and solve the bugs for the final version which will be released during the next weekend (11th to 13th). You can report the bugs that you find in this thread. Read the FAQ before reporting.

Installation: Open the .rar file and read the included description.


fonte: http://www.pcmdaily.com


Ve lo consiglio caldamente :D buon pack...

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devi reinstallare tutto,disinstalla il gioco poi reinstalli il gioco la patch e il pack 2010 :smilie_daumenpos:,io cosi ho fatto devo dire che già un mese che l'utilizzo è va tutto alla perfezione,l'unico consiglio se selezioni database 2009 ci stanno valori troppo alti ai big Contador 85 mom boonen 85 pavè,quindi magari modificali

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quindi andrei a perdere la decennale stagione con la lampre :cry2: dove l'unica corsa che mi manca ancora da vincere e quel maledetto tour, nonostante al 4 anno ci sono andato vicino con una lampre creata apposta per quel tour :cry2:

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