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[Road Race] - The FINAL

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bourg-de-Péage - Mende


Savigliano - Cuneo (TTT)


Briançon - L'alpe d'huez



Daniano (Germany)

Andy_Schleck_Frank (France)

Damiano-Cunego96 (Germany)

ITA_P-Jama (Italy)

Shadow59 (France)

Ghosty_92 (Germany)

derotti17 (Chile)

bastischerrers0211 (Germany)

ITA_Bruseghin94 (Italy)

BubbaDJ (Italy)

Host: ITA_emmea90

Reserves (in order)

NysFanPCMW (Belgium)

psfreak (Belgium)

Lux-A-Schleck (France)

Pylarz (Poland)

Fizik10 (Italy)

Job1915 (Netherlands)

Marley49 (France)

ITA_Petacchi94 (Italy)

ITA_Albe21 (Italy)


- The host must open the room at 20.30 CET with the caption "PCM World Cup - Group (group letter)" and the password "pcmwc"

- The race starts at 20.45 CET.

- After the first stage a new game will be launched for the 2nd and 3rd (no mini tours)

- Race will be played with 9 men

- In team time trials positions are same for single and team, so 1st get 100+50 pts, 2nd get 70+36 and so on...

- First three players won a free copy of PCM 2011!

For the host

- At the stage, from podium, always save the standings of top 10 single and teams (by pressing CTRL + T);

- At the stage end remember to export the standings (key on the bottom right)

- Send the excel file and the screens at campcym@gmail.com indicating the group.

Fot the other players

- Alert the other players when came ingame typing ‘in’

- At the stage end always save the standings of top 15 single and teams (by pressing CTRL + T);

- Send the first 15 at campcym@gmail.com indicating the group.

If no screen arrives all people in the group will be disqualified

- You can comment the draw results and the game in this topic


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  • Admininistrators

I forgot two things:

1) National Champions has right to play with their teams, so damiano-cunego96 can play with Germany and BubbaDJ can play with Italy if they want. The other can choose what they want but no Italy or Germany.

2) For the TTT every player has right at 1'30'' of pause in game at his start to settle the team, he can interrupt it saying "ready" or "ok", after 1'30'' host will let automatically his team start.

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  • Admininistrators

I remember that tonight is the big day.

I also want to inform you that, like the last year, i will comunicate to competitors the ranking after stage 1 and 2, so every competitor will know his points.

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  • Admininistrators



Bubbadj (Italy) 291

Daniano (Germany) 202

Andy_Schleck_Frank (France) 196

Ghosty_92 (Germany) 174

Shadow59 (France) 144

Damiano-Cunego96 (Germany) 133

ITA_P-Jama (Italy) 101

ITA_Bruseghin94 (Italy) 86

Nysfanpcmw (Belgium) 79

bastischerrers0211 (Germany) 78


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