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[ENG] LG DB V2.1 Released!! [47 Features]

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LG DB V2.1

The Features

- Correct team abbreviations 100%

- Correct team names 100%

- Correct rennersnamen 100%

- Correct ingame names 100%

- Correct nationalities 100%

- Correct national champions 2006 100%

- Correct shirts and mini shirts 100%

- New Background 100%

- Correct transferts 100%

- Correct e-mails of the plough 100%

- New style mini shirts By S-Knight 100%

- Cya top tour change 100% in pro tour

-44 manager photograph By PatrickCM 100%

- Statsupdate after the Tour the France 100%

-43 correct Accescoires 100%

-43 pro tour and continental helmets Made by PalmansSampim aka Il Grillo 100%

- Leadershirts by Emenee 100%

- Correct budgets 100%

- Savoluca Championlinks 100%

- Tireno bug Fixed 100%

- Sponsor pack by Jacky Durand V3.0:

- New podium By Jacky Durand 100%

- the original sponsors for each game (standard UCI pro tour) 100%

- sponsor ball remunerations for each game (standard Uci pro tour) 100%

- new podium for each game (standard UCI pro tour) 100%

- UCI back numbers 100%

- newspaper in UCI pro Tour style 100%

- Tour Executive Board car 100%

- mavic plough car 100%

- moto for each game 100%

- bottles (coca Cola, Carlsberg, Nestle water-colour) 100%

- hang out the flag new in each game (e.g. in the round of Switzerland is there now much Swiss hang out the flag) 100%

- publicity panels on the street for each game (standard UCI pro tour) 100%

Changes Installer for Sponsorpack (tour, vuelta, giro, round of Germany, round of Switzerland, round of Austria etc.) 100%

- Correctly training periods: TDF by Thune 100%

- Fake renners Deleted

-5 added traingskampen

- All plough have real frameworks

- all names have been corrected

- stats are at some what upgedate

- UCI pro tour i.p.v Cya top tour

- Readme traffic-jam

- Freenet deleted>geen new team

- Correct mini+teamshirt Astana

- Starlistpack By 1Michal (cya forum)

The Credits

database maker: Little Goliath

Graphic and technical support: X-Fighter, Klimkip, Nathan_94, Jacky Durand, S_Knight, Calva amount, Il Grillo, Savoluca, 1Michal, Mentos and Bramenpit.

the database

Little Goliath present the LG Realname V2.1.


Second Mirror

For people who had problems there are now also Second (2nd) Mirror.

]http://downloads.pcmbenelux.com/index.php?...ownload&id=548] download LG DB v2.1 [/url]

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questo è il database che avevo segnalato a proposito di cose interessanti da pcm spain...

Vi consiglio di prenderlo dal link messo da me visto che ho fatto un rar, mentre questo file è un autoinstallante...

Wanka, i ciclisti incriminati ci sono ancora, ma ad esempio ullrich è un freelance perchè è stato licenziato dalla tmobile

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