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Disponibile Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 e Tour de France 2021sono finalmente disponibili
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Roturn`s Stages

Recommended Posts

All stages are free to use in any DB`s

2011 Races

Milano San Remo 2011



- Last descent of the Poggio is a normal road now instead of a narrow one

- Hopefully normal sprinters will have better chances now to get over the climb if the pace isn`t too high.

Paris Roubaix 2011



- all 51km of pavement sections as similar as possible

- almost 10km more pavement than in the official version

Amstel Gold Race 2011



- Geulhemmerberg will be ridden twice now

- other than that same route than in 2010

Vuelta a Murcia 2011


Vuelta a Murcia 2011 with just 3 stages instead of 5.

Tour du Haut Var 2011


Don`t be afraid of the maximum slope of 24,7%. All hills have are under 10% except of they are steeper in real. So some very few parts are up to 12%.

As the riders have to pass the Mur of Montauroux (300m, 22%) and the Mur of Fayence (200m, 25%) the high slopes are on this points.

2010 Races

Ronde Van Vlanderen 2010



Historical stages

Milano San Remo 2007



- actual MSR without the LeManie climb

- ingame profile will come later


Tour de France 2008

DL Link:

http://www.multiupload.com/6CR7EWHER6 (stages)

http://www.multiupload.com/KYLUZ7OYIN (descr)

1-20 made by me

Stage 21 will be the Champs Elysees as given by Cyanide.

Management Game Stages

Classique du Grand-Duché



Gps originally made by Svam

Deutschland Tour


- Fantasy race for puncheurs/climbers

- not as hard as real Deutschland Tour

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Due to my bad Italian knowledge I don`t know how to edit the first post.

So here a 2nd post with more stages, maybe updated later into the first post.

Tour 2008 new link with suitable file names to the descr file


2010 Races

Berlin Pro Race

Normal Version: http://www.multiupload.com/XSV347NOYT

Less Graphics: http://www.multiupload.com/QEFRZAMCTZ

New German 1.1 professional cycling race in and around Berlin.

Route is half fantasy as it`s not announced completely. But the route is supposed to be 120km and then a circuit in Berlin with 9km each up to 180km in general. As there was already a 120km course I build this one as it`s probably the real course and made a 9km circuit with as realistic roads as possible. I might have to change the route a bit when it`s officialy announced.

Giro di Lombardia 2010

Milano - Como



Tour of Southland


Was the same route in the last 3 years, so it might also be the same in 2011 I guess.

Paris Nice 2010 prologue


- mountain sprint without bonus seconds instead of normal sprint with bonus like in Cyanide`s version

- first hill is cobbled

- first hill will be part of the race unlike Cyanide`s version

So fight for the KoM jersey with weaker teams

Criterium Hainleite

NEW LINK: Fixed some route mistakes...



Vuelta a Murcia 2010


- fixed some slopes

- fixed a mountainsprint


Older Races

Niedersachsenrundfahrt 2007



- big road network

- correct profiles

- climbs as realistic as possible (Hoher Hagen, Neuhaus, Sösestein...)

- All stages can be won by normal sprinters as tested and as supposed

(Petacchi real winner in 2007)

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Due to my bad Italian knowledge I don`t know how to edit the first post.

In this forum there isn't any edit function. Only mods can do that.

Anyway, I've really appreciated your stages for PCM10 and I'm going to use them also in the new version of the game.

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Thanks for the responses. Also good to know that I don`t have to search any longer. :wink:

Maybe a mod could update the Tour 2008 link I have posted in the 3rd post. The stages are the same but they are named like the original files in the first post.

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Paris Nice 2007


Stage 1: Issy-les-Moulineaux - Issy-les-Moulineaux


Stage 2: Cloyes-sur-le-Loir - Buzançais


Stage 3: Vatan - Limoges


Stage 4: Limoges - Maurs la Jolie


Stage 5: Maurs la Jolie - Mende


Stage 6: Sorgues - Manosque


Stage 7: Brignoles - Cannes


Stage 8: Nice - Nice


Probably the last race in the next weeks as I have university exams then. This one was mostly finished a long time ago. Just finished the final stage today with constant slopes.

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Tour of Qatar 2012



5 flat stages and a short team time trial on the 2nd day. Last stage obviously as flat as the others. Just looks a bit hilly on the final circuit. Height differences of maybe 10-20m.

Challenge Volta Ciclista Menorca de Féminas 2011



3 day womens race held on Menorca.

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