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Track Sprint - Subscription confirmation

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Track Sprint - Subscription confirmation

As you already know on may 25 there will be the sprint tournament. To have a knock-out table more clean as possible we - as organizers - ask all the members to confirm their subscription in the topic.

At the moment, those are the members that subscribed to sprint

  • beatcycling    BEL
  • Gilberre    BEL
  • pollitelli    BEL
  • henkthedj    BEL
  • Messi    BEL
  • guifiti123    BRA
  • Waterblast    DEN
  • DuQuaz    DEN
  • Luon    FRA
  • El_TotOox    FRA
  • gesink31    FRA
  • AndySchleck94    FRA
  • Boonen88    FRA
  • iveliosdu12    FRA
  • CypRiF    FRA
  • JohnVino    FRA
  • Davi    ITA
  • Dennis1107    ITA
  • EmperorofPau    ITA
  • twan382    NED
  • Ruben    NED
  • Eirik777    NOR
  • Dinli    POR
  • josepereira    POR
  • LuckyNovik    RUS
  • Alepere    SPA
  • Raúl    SPA
  • Mendez    SPA
  • Aquarius97    SPA

In addiction to this, those members subscribed to sprint but are not allowed to play because they aren't host

  • MrRubino    BEL
  • tails99    BEL
  • JordyDeMarie    BEL
  • BenjiNaesen    BEL
  • TheCyclingManager    BEL
  • defred7    BEL
  • TheSim    BEL
  • Hardi1111    DEN
  • Mariomeda    DEN
  • Slomy    FRA
  • Floxing    FRA
  • Akakoni    FRA
  • frico241    FRA
  • Dany Thiery    FRA
  • Kingmaker    FRA
  • Shadow    FRA
  • Macdoriian    FRA
  • Castelhino    FRA
  • HoOliCoOlS    FRA
  • LuxASchleck    FRA
  • DanielGh1    ITA
  • frankieorabona    ITA
  • sasy9419    ITA
  • matteoalvisi    ITA
  • Nathanptz    NED
  • DODOSaka    POL
  • Tomas14    POR
  • guilherme    POR
  • IlyaTroshin    RUS
  • goga2159    RUS
  • IceManSRB    SER
  • zapatah99    SPA
  • Urbezmar    SPA
  • TramuCreta    SPA
  • jontavilla    SPA
  • Melixandri    SPA
  • tonijaca    SPA
  • Leano92    SUI
  • Rafa19    UKR

So, if you are in one of the two list, please confirm your subscription (list 1) or your subscription and you being able to host a sprint (list 2). People that did not confirm their subscription and/or host faculty before 23.59 of 23/5/2018 won't be inserted in table.

Just write a post in this topic with "Confirm" if on list 1 and "Confirm and I can host" if on list 2.

Please confirm subscription if and only if you will be sure to play on friday may 25 and eventually may 26.

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