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  1. PCM Name: MendesDiscord Name: davidmendezPCM Community: PCMSpainNationality: SpanishPreferred Team/Team during previous season: EF
  2. Nome della squadra: Portugaliza Componenti: Mendez, Solipei, Palbi, Guifiti
  3. - Nome steam: Mendez - Nazionalità. - Community: PcmSpain
  4. EF confims Appennino invitation
  5. Inviti: - Tour Down Under - Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race - Trofeo Laigueglia
  6. Nickname usato ingame: Davit Nazionalità: Spagna Comunità: PCM Spain Mantengo il EF
  7. Name: Mendez Nationality: Spanish Competitions: all competitions I can but dont want to host I cant stream games
  8. Nombre: Pcm España Miembros: Méndez, Zapatah99, Solipei, Sergito
  9. Nickname PCM : Mendez Team: Solo Last year team, EF
  10. Nickname PCM ITA Mendez Nickname Steam Mendez
  11. Portugaliza CT: Mendez(c), Guifiti123, Palbi & Solipei
  12. PCM Apodo ITA: Méndez Apodo de Steam: Mendez
  13. Name: House Targaryen Country: Spain Players: Alepere, Heyibiza, Mendez
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