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Disponibile Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 e Tour de France 2021sono finalmente disponibili
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Given the PCMdaily 2015 DB seems to have some delay, sgdanny and I thought about the idea of making our own 2015 DB.
This 2015 DB is based on the PCMdaily Expansion Pack V2. 
The DB has most things that you could expect from a 2015DB, although it still is a fairly basic DB. This is mainly due to the fact that there are not a lot of 2015 files out yet, that mainly applies to the stage-files. 
The download will therefore be fairly slim, not exactly sure about the size, but definitely under 0,5 GB.
We want to especially thank the PCMdaily DB team and lollo. Parts of both of the DBs have been used for our DB. 
Hope you'll enjoy this DB!

Feature List


All features of the PCMdaily Expansion Pack V2, plus more:



227 new riders, totalling 3367 riders in the DB.
Changed stats & potential
2015 rosters





80 Official Teams, with full 2015 rosters!
2015 Team Shirts for nearly every team
Lots of NC's
Full Transferts



Custom Accesories

New Mini Shirts
New Big Background Jerseys
New Team Logos
New Equipment
New Cyclist photos


Other Stuff


A few races with 2015 profiles(including WC Richmond)

More regen names
Basic Sponsor Regions for new teams
Retired riders have been removed




Jesleyh (Stats and DB Creator)

sgdanny (Graphics and DB Creator)
Lollo345 (db stuff, his DB partly used as a base)
PCMdaily DB Team
Matt17br (general help)
Margh Norway (Stage Maker)
Teken84(Stage Maker)
Stylus(Stage Maker)
Alluddha (Graphics)
Nlet (Graphics)
Krisa (Graphics)
Gaz (Graphics)
Francisco (Graphics)
Kyle (Graphics)
Jaywol (Graphics)
Metá (Graphics)
bwiggins (Graphics)
Zweers (Graphics)
tpinot (Graphics)
Maximka (Graphics)
Pouhnk (Graphics)
Vino (Graphics)
Maddrengen (Graphics)
Perot (Graphics)
aidavn (Graphics)
Dozen (Graphics)
Cavendish-Fan (Graphics)

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Salve a tutti e scusate la domanda stupida.

Io ho provato ad installare il DB in questione,funziona tutto tranne che nella gara 3d non vengono visualizzati i telai delle bici,ho sbagliato qualcosa nell'installazione?

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