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[Scratch] - Final

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Monday 17th May 2010

h 21.00

Gautran (Belgium)

Ghosty_92 (Germany)

Messi_19 (Belgium)

ITA_Alste (Italy)

themax1992 (Holland)

Carlos_valverde (Spain)

Pangare (Portugal)

Gigigs (Italy)

Gheto_1 (Portugal)

Robin90_NCL (Belgium)

Stijn_D-V2 (Belgium)

BNL_iendracht (Belgium)

Frensh_Revolution (France)

Nimsk (Norway)

Campione_Regionale (Italy)

the_invasor (Italy)


- Peoples in Bold must host the game

- Peoples in Italic can host the game if host is not in

- The host must open the room at 20.30 CET with the caption "PCM World Cup - SCRATCH FINAL" and the password "pcmwc"

- The race starts at 21.00 CET. If a Player involved in final is in Gamecenter at 21.00 but is not in the room the host have to call it and wait 2 min his response before start.

- The host must send the screenshot of the game. The others should send the screenshot at campcym@gmail.com if no screenshots arrive all peoples in the group will be disqualified.

- You can comment the game in this topic

- Direct connect is forbidden

- First won a PC Game and the title of SCRATCH WORLD CHAMPION 2009/10

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Too much to explain :( I also really dislike the fact that there is no system which allows players ,who didnt make it through the semifinals, to join the final when someone isn't there.

So you should go straight to final because you are The Max. Well, interesting position. :mrgreen:

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  • Admininistrators



1 Ghosty_92 (Germany)

2 Campione_Regionale (Italy)

3 Stijn_D-V2 (Belgium)

4 BNL_iendracht (Belgium)

5 Frensh_Revolution (France)

6 Gheto_1 (Portugal)

7 ITA_Alste (Italy)

8 themax1992 (Holland)

9 Nimsk (Norway)

10 Messi_19 (Belgium)

11 Gigigs (Italy)

12 the_invasor (Italy)

13 Gautran (Belgium)

14 Robin90_NCL (Belgium)

n.p. Pangare (Portugal)

n.p. Carlos_valverde (Spain)


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