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[Keirin] - First Round

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First Round

Friday 9th April 2010


h 20.45

Group A

Nimsk (Norway)

ITA_London08 (Italy)

Pangare (Portugal)

Fizik10 (Italy)

Kevinv (Holland)

Scrubnub (Belgium)

Group B

Ita_Bubbadj87 (Italy)

themax1992 (Holland)

seppenys (Belgium)

Tombus (Poland)

Goncalo_28 (Portugal)

Pilovich (Denmark)

Group C

the_invasor (Italy)

Robin90_NCL (Belgium)

untal16 (Portugal)

_Jonathan_ (Holland)

Gautran (Belgium)

Miguelfd4794 (Portugal)

Group D

ITA_emmea90 (Italy)

Stinoo (Belgium)

Xela4991 (Portugal)

OzzyPL (Poland)

Shadow59 (Morocco)

Cruetrue (Denmark)

Group E

ITA_P-Jama (Italy)

ITA_Petacchi94 (Italy)

Simosimo (Italy)

robin69 (Belgium)

Pabloo (Poland)

Ghosty_92 (Germany)

Group F

Laguia73 (Spain)

RuiCosta_GCE (Portugal)

Erwin_PCMW (Holland)

Armstrong_POR (Portugal)

ITA_Albe21 (Italy)

Messi_19 (Belgium)

Group G

superalex (Italy)

Pingolin (Portugal)

Scuderia (Belgium)

ITA_Andreix (Italy)

Mista-Flo (France)

Paul-Boogerd (Holland)

h 21.30

Group H

Jimpeltje (Holland)

IvanQuaranta (Italy)

GiulyTop23 (France)

cancellarafabiancanc (Italy)

Valverdeboy123 (Belgium)

p_a_z_f_l_o_r (Norway)

Group I

Daniano (Germany)

Gigigs (Italy)

John-Vino-09 (France)

Maninblack (Belgium)

Roman_CZ (Czech Republic)

Defour (Belgium)

Group J

ITA_Alste (Italy)

den_berre (Belgium)

HF17 (Portugal)

Adams55 (Poland)

komando94 (Poland)

Hush-WC2010 (France)

Group K

CampioneRegionale (Italy)

The_sim_eraser (Belgium)

Herminator92 (Italy)

bonobo-ncl (Belgium)

barcanoord (Holland)

ruicostaomelhor (Portugal)

Group L

diluca92 (Italy)

Mandanda_du_23 (France)

Stinos94 (Belgium)

mitm (Poland)

Stijn_D-V2 (Belgium)

Pereiro93 (Portugal)

Group M

Bobja1995 (Holland)

Finwe_94 (Italy)

morganrev (Italy)

abel78 (Portugal)

Sportingnonsense (Great Britain)

BNL_iendracht (Belgium)


- Peoples in Bold must host the game

- Peoples in Italic can host the game if host is not in

- The host must open the room at 20.30 CET with the caption "PCM World Cup - Group (group letter)" and the password "pcmwc" for people in groups 20.45 and at 21.15 CET for people at 21.30 CET

- The host has to use ThemaxtrackWCDB. He can find it here

- The race starts at 20.45 or 21.30 CET with no exceptions

- First 3 for each group advance at second turn. Gheto stars at second turn as World Champion

- The host must send the screenshot of the game. The others should send the screenshot at campcym@gmail.com if no screenshots arrive all peoples in the group will be disqualified.

- You can comment the draw results and the game in this topic

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  • Admininistrators

First Turn

Gruppo A

Pangare (Portugal) 36

Nimsk (Norway) 28

Fizik10 (Italy) 22

ITA_London08 (Italy) 22

Kevinv (Holland) 0

Scrubnub (Belgium) 0

Gruppo B

Tombus (Poland) 35

Ita_Bubbadj87 (Italy) 27

themax1992 (Holland) 27

seppenys (Belgium) 20

Pilovich (Denmark) 16

Goncalo_28 (Portugal) 0

Gruppo C

the_invasor (Italy) 40

untal16 (Portugal) 34

Robin90_NCL (Belgium) 0

_Jonathan_ (Holland) 0

Gautran (Belgium) 0

Miguelfd4794 (Portugal) 0

Gruppo D

Cruetrue (Denmark) 34

ITA_emmea90 (Italy) 29

Xela4991 (Portugal) 28

OzzyPL (Poland) 14

Stinoo (Belgium) 13

Shadow59 (Morocco) 12

Gruppo E

robin69 (Belgium) 27

Ghosty_92 (Germany) 27

ITA_P-Jama (Italy) 24

Pabloo (Poland) 15

ITA_Petacchi94 (Italy) 0

Simosimo (Italy) 0

Gruppo F

ITA_Albe21 (Italy) 34

Laguia73 (Spain) 32

Erwin_PCMW (Holland) 22

Messi_19 (Belgium) 18

RuiCosta_GCE (Portugal) 0

Armstrong_POR (Portugal) 0

Gruppo G

Scuderia (Belgium) 36

superalex (Italy) 26

Pingolin (Portugal) 20

Paul-Boogerd (Holland) 17

ITA_Andreix (Italy) 0

Mista-Flo (France) 0

Gruppo H

Jimpeltje (Holland) 34

GiulyTop23 (France) 27

IvanQuaranta (Italy) 24

Valverdeboy123 (Belgium) 21

cancellarafabiancanc (Italy) 0

p_a_z_f_l_o_r (Norway) 0

Gruppo I

John-Vino-09 (France) 35

Daniano (Germany) 24

Gigigs (Italy) 18

Maninblack (Belgium) 16

Defour (Belgium) 16

Roman_CZ (Czech Republic) 0

Gruppo J

den_berre (Belgium) 33

ITA_Alste (Italy) 30

HF17 (Portugal) 29

komando94 (Poland) 14

Adams55 (Poland) 13

Hush-WC2010 (France) 0

Gruppo K

The_sim_eraser (Belgium) 29

bonobo-ncl (Belgium) 29

CampioneRegionale (Italy) 28

Herminator92 (Italy) 23

barcanoord (Holland) 15

ruicostaomelhor (Portugal) 0

Gruppo L

Stijn_D-V2 (Belgium) 33

Mandanda_du_23 (France) 27

Stinos94 (Belgium) 26

mitm (Poland) 23

diluca92 (Italy) 0

Pereiro93 (Portugal) 0

Gruppo M

BNL_iendracht (Belgium) 31

Sportingnonsense (Great Britain) 27

Bobja1995 (Holland) 25

abel78 (Portugal) 22

Finwe_94 (Italy) 14

morganrev (Italy) 11

Advance to 2nd turn.

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  • Admininistrators

Ia is part of game we put it strong. We have the db without it also but cause a bug in point count and we wants to make life more simple for host. It's true that if you can play with 2 IA you had 3 chances on 4 to pass the turn...

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