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  1. Team Name: PCM Focus Team Nationality: Belgium Team Captain: Bart (Belgium) Team Members: Jimski (Netherlands), Edox (Netherlands), Jeis (Netherlands), Messi (Belgium), Bart (Belgium), TheSim (Belgium), MisterFrancoPiemelzotti (Belgium), defred7 (Belgium) Team Hosts: Messi, Bart, Edox, Jeis, Thesim
  2. den_berre

    PCM World Cup 2018 - Teammate searching

    If there is a place somewhere i want.
  3. Name: Gilberre Nationality: Belgium Competitions: All Host: Yes
  4. den_berre

    Bug Hill Stat PCM 17

    Dear Italian Community, The hill stat does not work. Perhaps we hope that cyanide can fix it in a new patch. We ask your help to ask Cyanide to resolve this. Watch the video to understand the problem. Regards, The NCL Online Community
  5. Nickname: denberre Nationality: Belgium