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Team Keirin - First Round

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Team Keirin - First Round - 24 april 2018

PCM Focus    BEL
Team Skype314    FRA

Mclan    SPA
Spain Cycling Team    SPA

PCM Village    FRA
PCM-Online.Net.Ru    RUS

Gallic Cycling Esport    FRA
Portugal    POR

Barcelona 155ers    SPA
Italy    ITA

Team Keirin - Round 2

MATCH 6 (one advance)
Loser 5    
Loser 1    
MATCH 7 (two advance)
Loser 2    
Loser 3       
Loser 4    

Open room 20.30 CEST, start game 20.45 CEST

Five rounds


  • Matches are played in 3vs3 format except for Match 5 in 2vs2vs2 format
  • First player on finish line scores the point for the team
  • First team that wins three games wins the match
  • At the third game won by a team match is interrupted
  • In match 5, to determine 2nd and 3rd, round victories will be the discriminant. If they are equal, who won the latest round not won by winner will be 2nd.

Before the game

  • Teams on line 1 host matches 1, 3, 5. Teams on line 2 host matches 2, 4
  • If both teams agree, one team can host all the matches
  • If when one team hosts more than 50% members of the room has high ping (red label) hosts will be switched until less than 50% of member has low ping. 
  • Hosts must open the room at 20.30 CEST with name "PCMWC Keirin - mATCH X" and pass "pcmwc"
  • If at 20.40 CEST room is not open, contact an organizer (emmea90, Davi, Pierociaca, Matthorse) on Discord Server
  • Host have to set easy IA and choose the 10-10-10 db

During the game

  • In case of a crash of a player, follow the rules about crash
  • Players must take the same rider

After the game

  • Each team must report screens and the results
  • In case screen of the results is not coherent with ingame screen, result screen is the one that matters
  • Players should not quit after the game to let the host take the export with their name in it
  • The first team listed for each match must send all the export file uploading them there (using forum attachments function) 
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Round 1

  • PCM Focus vs Team Skype 0-3
  • Mclan vs Spain Cycling Team 2-3
  • PCM Village vs PCMOline.ru 3-1
  • Gallic vs Portugal 0-3
  • Barcelona vs Italy 2-3

Round 2

  • Barcelona vs PCM Focus
  • Mclan vs PCMOnline.Ru vs Gallic

Match 2 is played 2vs2vs2 until one team reach 3 points. Then 3vs3 with the other two teams (keeping the points obtained) until another team reach 3 points.

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