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Road Inline - Second Chance

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Road Inline - Second Chance - 21 and 22 april 2018





Open room 20.45 CEST, start game 21.00 CEST

Before the game

  •  People in yellows are the hosts
  • Hosts must open the room at 20.45 CEST with name "PCMWC Inline - Group X" and pass "pcmwc"
  • If at 20.50 CEST room is not open, the first member from top of the group to bottom that can host will open a room instead of the host
  • If host came in this instance of time, all the people in that room will move in the group of the host
  • If at 20.55 CEST room is not open, contact an organizer (emmea90, Davi, Pierociaca, Matthorse) on Discord Server
  • Host have to disable daily form and put fall ratio to 0%
  • At 21.00 CEST host will count the number of people present at that moment in the room and will recreate the game with the same number of teams to play without IA leaving a team for streamer 
  • In case Time Trial games of 20.15 didn't end, game will be delayed further
  • Everyone must have XML files installed
  • Host and players must take note of teams used
  • Host must create the games separately
  • Host must create each stage putting after a random stage (otherwise sprint doesn't appear)

During the game

  • All the game MUST be played at x1 speed
  • In case speed is increased during the game, player will screen from the events tab who has increased speed and that players will be sanctioned
  • In case of a crash of a player, follow the rules about crash
  • After the first game there will be 5 minutes break. If a players is not present in the game after those 5 minutes the host will recreate the game without his team
  • If a player that didn't play the first classics shows up before the 2nd classic, he has right to play it
  • Blocks are not allowed. If you are blocked you must provide proof of the block (video, screen) and make an appeal to the jury in this topic before 23.59 CEST
  • Players must take the same team of Round 1 for Round 2
  • Every team of people not involved in the game (ex. external streamer) must be retired at start
  • Everyone must take screens of sprints and classification 

After the game

  • Host must gave everyone the time to take screens of top 10 from the results screen, take screen of top 10 himself and export the excel file
  • Players should not quit after the game to let the host take the export with their name in it
  • Host must send all the export file uploading them there (using forum attachments function)
  • Host must provide an unofficial point counting according to the rules in the screenshot post
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  • Admininistrators


1    sasy9419    ITA    266
2    El_TotOox    FRA    247
3    gesink31    FRA    225
4    jontavilla    SPA    216

5    Nacho33333    ARG    190
6    Akakoni    FRA    135
7    johostile    FRA    108
8    DODOSaka    POL    87

1    guilherme    POR    321
2    kroon    BLR    256
3    tonijaca    SPA    216
4    Melixandri    SPA    169

5    leofalandry    FRA    168
6    Nvdb    BEL    123
7    Slomy    FRA    112
8    Victor98    SPA    89

1    frico241    FRA    340
2    matteoalvisi    ITA    315
3    Enreda    SPA    210
4    iveliosdu12    FRA    187

5    Agap4ik    UKR    176
6    pollitelli    BEL    124
7    Castelhino    FRA    36

1    Shadow    FRA    322
2    Kingmaker    FRA    296
3    HoOliCoOlS    FRA    253
4    Doru    ROM    163

5    Tomas14    POR    150
6    IlyaTroshin    RUS    112
7    AndySchleck94    FRA    86
8    migsiemar99    SPA    72

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In first i done second 70 and nineth 2 --7 points and 3 in mountain =82

In second race i done Fourth 35 and sixth 18 = 53

in third i done forth 35 and 5 points and 5 in mountain = 45

in quarter i done Fifth 25 and 5 points in mountain = 30

Total 210

they did not add a sixth and a ninth
I do not classify the same jaja.
I'm the one who made the most points of the unclassified. If one is missing, I am.
Edited by Nacho33333
forget samething
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  • Admininistrators
7 ore fa, Nacho33333 ha scritto:

thats weird. because if the fourth classified I tell only the first of his team, then he does not give me 216

That's not weird, that are the rules. Only First on the finish line in inline, all the riders in sprint/kom

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I do not say that the rules are weird, I say that the numbers of jonta don`t give me 216 if I add only to their first classified
it does not matter. In any case I do not arrive. I congratulate you for the organization. very fun wc !!
Edited by Nacho33333
forgot something
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