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  1. Nome utente forum: Nacho33333 nickname discord : Nacho33333 nickname pcm : Nacho33333 competizioni interessate : All Strada races if possible! Thanks
  2. Nacho33333

    Road Inline - Second Round

    I'm available Saturday and Sunday. can you count on me
  3. Nacho33333

    Road Inline - Second Chance

    I do not say that the rules are weird, I say that the numbers of jonta don`t give me 216 if I add only to their first classified it does not matter. In any case I do not arrive. I congratulate you for the organization. very fun wc !!
  4. Nacho33333

    Road Inline - Second Chance

    thats weird. because if the fourth classified I tell only the first of his team, then he does not give me 216
  5. Nacho33333

    Road Inline - Second Chance

    In first i done second 70 and nineth 2 --7 points and 3 in mountain =82 In second race i done Fourth 35 and sixth 18 = 53 in third i done forth 35 and 5 points and 5 in mountain = 45 in quarter i done Fifth 25 and 5 points in mountain = 30 Total 210 they did not add a sixth and a ninth I do not classify the same jaja. I'm the one who made the most points of the unclassified. If one is missing, I am.
  6. Nacho33333

    Road Inline - Second Chance

    they give me 223 my points. I ask for a count
  7. Nacho33333

    Road Classics - First Round

    the second round of repechage (ripescaggi)en route are also on Mondays and Thursdays at 20-45?
  8. Nacho33333

    Road Classics - First Round

    I am from Argentina and the schedule is very complicated for me, since I have 5 hours less and I am working hours. See how I can do it. And if there is the possibility of arming some group that also has schedule difficulties, I would like to join that group. Can we arrange the schedule or until the change of day if we agree with the members of the group? grazie mille
  9. Nacho33333 Argentina Road tournaments and tt (todas las carreras de ruta) Host: No
  10. hello. i want subcrib to the world champions but i don´t know how it is.