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Cyanide ha rilasciato la patch per Pro Cycling Manager 2016. La patch sarà installata automaticamente tramite steam.

Questo il Changelog



  • Fixed: When a host leaves a track game, the remaining players are no longer stuck in the race.
  • Fixed: Correction of mini-map for clients of a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed: In Ladder mode, it is no longer possible to vote before all players have arrived.

Career and Pro Cyclist



  • Added : Allow players to change the fitness schedules of team-mates in career mode and to adopt the schedule of team leaders.
  • Fixed: The point system in the Pro Cyclist calendar.
  • Fixed: Pro Cyclist salary was not displayed above a certain amount.
  • Fixed: Race performances displayed twice (Giro-Vuelta).
  • Fixed: Adjustment to the maximum salary of a Pro Cyclist.




  • Update: The current selection is more visible.
  • Fixed : A few crashes could appear during the race.
  • Fixed: A panel was hidden when selecting a certain rider (often A. Valverde).
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible to give orders to other team members in a Pro Cyclist team time-trial.
  • Fixed: Order displayed for AI riders in Pro Cyclist.
  • Fixed: The context-sensitive help sometimes remained on the podium and race highlights.
  • Fixed: Wrong next order displayed.
  • Fixed: Icons on profile too big in certain resolutions.
  • Fixed: The 5 and 8 keys did not change the rider's effort.
  • Fixed: Overall display of the pictograms on the rider control panel.
  • Fixed: The "Take position here" order did not work at the first request.
  • Fixed: Crash when launching a stage for a second time in succession.
  • Fixed: The result page no longer displays riders who have abandoned during the current stage.
  • Fixed: Contextual help in the Cooperation panel.
  • Fixed: Both 0 keys allow all riders to be selected.
  • Fixed: The Out of time timer is still displayed after the 1 hour mark.
  • Fixed: The time-trial camera, protection and the mini map in world championships.
  • Added: When you click on the name of a rider in the standings during a 3D race, the camera moves onto him.
  • Added: It is possible to change rider protections more easily.
  • Added: Possibility to request protection as a Next order for a rider in another group.




  • Workshop: The available Workshop packs are no longer displayed as "selected" by default.
  • Workshop: The files of a Workshop pack can now be looked at in the publication and choice interface.
  • Workshop: The publication of a Workshop pack adds a customisable preview image to the pack.
  • Workshop: The publication of a Workshop pack is accompanied by automatic tags reflecting the modded elements.
  • Race loading: Significant optimisation of loading times.
  • Added : A new "safemode" mode is available to help our support.
    • To activate it, go in Steam library > Pro Cycling Manager 2016 > Property > "Set Launch Options" > add the line "-safemode"

Focus fa inoltre sapere che è prevista una successiva patch a breve che implementerà 

  • Lo stage editor
  • La possibilità di scegliere tutte le tappe in multiplayer 
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