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Per chi vuole provare qualcosa di diverso..




Non l'ho ancora provato ma sembra molto divertente





59 Teams
Jerseys, mini jerseys, leader jerseys, logos, transfers & accessories for every single team.

- 1500 riders
- Ratings according to the importance of the characters (the most famous characters will be the best, the primary characters will be team leaders.)
- photos for the totality of riders.
- Realistic heights and weights (in the measure of possible).
- Realistic ages (from 1 year old to more than 100).
- Decline age extended in order to avoid having particularly old characters retire early on in career mode.
- Real regions and countries of origin, with extra 20 nationalities added to the game (Mushroom Kingdom, Middle Earth).
- Faces for more than 100 riders! Every rider will a face corresponding to him the best.
- Favorite races and climate conditions for the most important riders.

- About 60 track riders.
- New velodromes added.

- Entire reconstruction of the season calendar to stick in the best way possible with the "mood" of the database. The totality of the races will be fantasy races never seen before in PCM, many often in well known universes (Tour of the Middle Earth, Tour of Springfield, etc...)
- 4 Grand Tours!
- Modification of the number of participants at every race.
- For the first time ever in PCM, races like the sprint pro challenge are directly integrated and playable in career mode.
- Logos and leader jerseys for the all races.
- Approximately 400 new stages created specially for the DB!

- Pack sponsor (Arrivée, départ, sprint...) Sponsor pack (finish line, starting line, sprints...)
- New interface (background...)
- New isolated buildings
- New roads
- New in race commentaries and sounds.










Qualche screen:






































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Posto qui le info così non si perdono


-The two parts are required
-Before installing DB Comics, save the local.cdb, for return to a normal database later. But it's not necessary if you have French Community Database. FCD and Comics are compatible.
-You can install the database without any risk, it does not replace anything, you will always have your real career and race unchanged.
-Comics are available in three language, choose your among english, french and spanish at the beginning of the installation
In sostanza, se si ha il pack francese allora non ci sono problemi, altrimenti dovete conservare il local del vostro pack altrimenti lo perdete.
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non si scarica a parte, temo ti abbia sostuito quello precedente...

Non mi sono spiegato bene: ancora non ho scaricato il db, stavo andando a copiarmi il local che avevo del pack precedente in modo da averlo quando installo questo db ma il local non c'è!!!

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