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[Road Race] - THE FINAL

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The Final

GP van Vlaanderen (hills / cobblestones) 258,2 km

Pergola - Petrano Mountain (mountain) 235,9 km

Friday 21th May 2010


Mandanda_du_23 (France)

Ghosty_92 (Germany)

AndySchleck94 (France)

John-Vino-09 (France)

CampioneRegionale (Italy)

the_invasor (Italy)

Tremades (Poland)

Frensh_Revolution (France)

Ivanquaranta (Italy)

XxThEpRoxX (Germany)

Reserves (in order)

Tryo (France)

Jimmy_GZ (Spain)

Tomm974 (France)

SeLiM3 (Belgium)

Mista-Flo (France)

ITA_Ciro (Italy)


ITA_Cameo87 (Italy)

GiulyTop23 (France)


- Peoples in Bold must host the game

- Peoples in Italic can host the game if host is not in

- The host must open the room at 20.00 CET with the caption "PCM World Cup - FINAL" and the password "pcmwc"

- The host has to use National Db ladder. He can find link in the rules

- The race starts at 20.30 CET with no exceptions

- After the first stage a new game will be launched for the 2nd (no mini tours)

- The host must send the file excel of the game. The others should send the top 15 individual and team screenshot at campcym@gmail.com if no screenshots arrive all peoples in the group will be disqualified.

- You can comment the game in this topic

- Important: if host had a crash during game, the race will be replayed at x1 since km 0 like a new game. The game WON'T BE POSTPONED.

- Reserves can enter in the order, till 10 players are ingame

- The first won a free copy of PCM 2010 and the title of Road World Champion 2010

- The second and the third won a t-shirt and a helmet offered by Cyanide

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  • Admininistrators

Two news:

1) Bubba is retired from all competition so he won't take part in the final

2) The dsf of ivanquaranta was only for game 3 and 4. So because he has made 172pts in first 2 games he will take part in final.

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  • Moderators
Reserves (in order)

Tryo (France)

why is Ivan which are taken back and not Tryo, why to change rules? Several incomprehensible decision who often go to the same sense

ivan was not a reserve :wink: he had been disqualified without a reason, but with the points that he had done in the first 2 races of his group, he would have finished in 5th place.. so qualified

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  • Admininistrators

Yes, the group B ranking in the ends is

Mandanda_du_23 (France) 460

AndySchleck94 (France) 309

Tremades (Poland) 241

Ita_Bubbadj87 (Italy) 198 (retired)

IvanQuaranta (Italy) 172

XxThEpRoxX (Germany) 144

SeLiM3 (Belgium) 129

Mista-Flo (France) 121

ITA_Ciro (Italy) 93

ITA_Cameo87 (Italy) 55

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  • Moderators
I hate this WC, it´s stupid, do you know why? Because I couldn´t handle my rider in last 8kms of petrano, so gerdemann arrived with 70% yellow in the finish. And I will not congratulate any noob, who hasn´t these bugs and won the world cup...


abnormal lag in last 7-8 km... i clicked on attack with my riders and they didnt :shock:

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