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Prizes are given for the following competition in this order, according to the amount of prizes we will be able to get from BigBen. Every player can receive only one prize if a player will be in multiple rows of the ranking the entries after the first will be skipped in prize assignment

  1. Winner of Overall General Classification Josepereira (1)
  2. Winner of Solo General Classification Davi (2)
  3. Winner of Team Classification – Member 1 Guilherme (3)
  4. Winner of Team Classification – Member 2 Dinli (4)
  5. Winner of Team Classification – Member 3 Josepereira (already given - 4)
  6. Winner of Team Classification – Member 4 Jotafap (5)
  7. Winner of Team Classification – Member 5 Justinfieder (6)
  8. Winner of Team Classification – Member 6 Tomas (7)
  9. Winner of Team Classification – Member 7 EDKDeus (8)
  10. Winner of Team Classification – Member 8 not given
  11. Winner of Solo Road Classification Davi (already given - 8.)
  12. Winner of Solo Track Classification  Johnvino (9)
  13. Winner of Solo Road inline Davi (already given - 9)
  14. Winner of Solo Road Minitour Migsiemar99 (10)
  15. Winner of Solo Road Classic Pici11 (11)
  16. Winner of Solo Omnium Thetank (12)
  17. Winner of Elimination Race Thetank (already given - 12)
  18. Winner of Scratch Campioneregionale (13)
  19. Winner of Keirin Guilherme (already given - 13)
  20. Winner of Points Race Gesink31 (14) 
  21. Winner of Sprint Josepereira (already given - 14)
  22. Winner of Solo Road ITT Hoolicools (15)
  23. Winner of Solo Road TTT Hoolicools (already given - 15)
  24. Winner of 200TT Hoolicools (already given - 15)

Non-winners from the Overall Classification

  • 3rd placed: Gaby (16)
  • 10th placed: McQueen (17)
  • 11th placed: Danielgh1 (18)
  • 12th placed: Kingkmaker (19)
  • 13th placed: Dg1107 (20)
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