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Team Track Keirin - Round 1


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Team Track Keirin - Round 1



Open room 21.15 CEST, start game 21.30 CEST

Each game is composed by 5 rounds 3v3


  • Teams are divided into four groups, of four teams each
  • Each group will play three games in Round Robin form according to this calendar
    • Game 1
      • Pot 1 vs Pot 2
      • Pot 3 vs Pot 4
    • Game 2
      • Pot 1 vs Pot 3
      • Pot 2 vs Pot 4
    • Game 3
      • Pot 1 vs Pot 4
      • Pot 2 vs Pot 3
  • Three players per team will play in each game
  • Each game will be played on five attempts.
  • Point scale for each game will be as follows
    • 5-0 or 4-1: 3 points for the winner team, 0 points for the loser team
    • 3-2: 2 points for the winner team, 1 point for the loser team
  • First two team for each group will advance to semifinals
  • Tie-breakers in case of equal points will be
    • Points obtained in the matches between the teams involved
    • Majour amount of total rounds victories
    • Major number of games won by 5-0
    • Major number of games won by 4-1
    • Additional game between the team involved in case of 2 or 3 teams
      • Game will be played in 2vs2vs2 format in case of a perfect equality between three teams)
    • In case of a perfect equality between the four teams after all the games, an individual keirin of five-rounds will be played as tie-break.
  • It's forbidden to change players between the rounds of a game
  • It's allowed to change players between the games of a group
  • At the end of the three games will play in the quarter-finals the first two placed for each group.

Before the game

  • Teams in yellow host the match
  • Teams in orange host the match when they don't play with the teams in yellow
  • If when one team hosts more than 50% members of the room has high ping (red label) host will change until less than 50% of member has low ping. 
  • Hosts must open the room at 20.30 CEST with name "PCMWC Keirin - Group X" and pass "pcmwc"
  • If at 20.40 CEST room is not open, contact an organizer 
  • Host have to set easy IA and choose the 8-8-8 db

During the game

  • In case of a crash of a player, follow the rules about crash
  • Players must take the same rider except Portugal that will play with the World Champions Team

After the game

  • Each team must report screens and the results
  • In case screen of the results is not coherent with ingame screen, result screen is the one that matters
  • Players should not quit after the game to let the host take the export with their name in it
  • The first team listed for each match must send all the export file uploading them there (using forum attachments function) 
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  • Admininistrators


Group A

Game 1
Portugal    POR    vs    PCMduMardi B    FRA    5-0
Ispavirus    ESP    vs    lastminuteteam    FRA    1-4
Game 2                    
Portugal    POR    vs    Ispavirus    ESP    5-0
PCMduMardi B    FRA    vs    lastminuteteam    FRA    3-2
Game 3                    
Portugal    POR    vs    lastminuteteam    FRA    5-0
PCMduMardi B    FRA    vs    Ispavirus    ESP    5-0

1    Portugal    POR    9
2    PCMduMardi B    FRA    5

3    lastminuteteam    FRA    4
4    Ispavirus    ESP    0

Group B

Game 1                    
Italy    ITA    vs    PCMduMardi A    FRA    4-1
Bike4ever    FRA    vs    Slavic Union    SVK    1-4
Game 2                    
Italy    ITA    vs    Bike4ever    FRA    3-2
PCMduMardi A    FRA    vs    Slavic Union    SVK    4-1
Game 3                    
Italy    ITA    vs    Slavic Union    SVK    5-0
PCMduMardi A    FRA    vs    Bike4ever    FRA    4-1
1    Italy    ITA    8
2    PCMduMardi A    FRA    6

3    Slavic Union    SVK    3
4    Bike4ever    FRA    1

Group C

Game 1                    
PCM Village    FRA    vs    PCM-Online.NET.RU    RUS    4-1
MCLAN    ESP    vs    PCMWorld    BEL    1-4
Game 2                    
PCM Village    FRA    vs    MCLAN    ESP    4-1
PCM-Online.NET.RU    RUS    vs    PCMWorld    BEL    5-0
Game 3                    
PCM Village    FRA    vs    PCMWorld    BEL    3-2
PCM-Online.NET.RU    RUS    vs    MCLAN    ESP    4-1

1    PCM Village    FRA    8
2    PCM-Online.NET.RU    RUS    6

3    PCMWorld    BEL    4
4    MCLAN    ESP    0

Group D

Game 1                    
Team Skype    FRA    vs    Barcelona 155ers    ESP    5-0
PCM UK    GBR    vs    PCM NedVlam    BEL    3-2
Game 2                    
Team Skype    FRA    vs    PCM UK    GBR    5-0
Barcelona 155ers    ESP    vs    PCM NedVlam    BEL    2-3
Game 3                    
Team Skype    FRA    vs    PCM NedVlam    BEL    5-0
Barcelona 155ers    ESP    vs    PCM UK    GBR    4-1

1    Team Skype    FRA    9
2    Barcelona 155ers    ESP    4

3    PCM NedVlam    BEL    3
4    PCM UK    GBR    2

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