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After the number of the subscriptions, that are really high regarding the road competitions and the team numbers, the organizations communicates that

  • Round 1 of Road Inline, Tour and Classics solo will be played in two consecutive days, splitting the available groups in two parts. Half will play at Day 1 and the other half will play at Day 2.
  • Round 2 of Solo Track won't be played, because it's not needed, except for the keirin
  • There will be a Round 2 in all the team road disciplines due to the large amount of the team subscribed
  • New calendar will be announced as soon as possible
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  • Admininistrators

The organizers communicates the following changes in the general play rules that will be enforced from the first round of solo road inline 

General game-playing rules

  • Each player is free to play as he want, according to the game’s possibilities, except for the following rules
  • While it’s allowed that player help each other in certain race circumstances (for example, a breakaway), it’s strictly forbidden to team play. In other words, it’s forbidden any kind of help between players, without having advantage to it. If in case of team play between players, the organization will punish the players with either the exclusion of that event, or of the whole competition if the case is serious enough.
  • It’s forbidden to block an opponent in the last 2 kms of a road race.
  • It’s forbidden to block an opponent in the last 1000m before an intermediate sprint.
  • It's forbidden to deliberately block an opponent to slow down his pace in front of the peloton or prevent him to attack from the peloton.
  • In case a block is sanctioned by the jury, the sanctioned player will be allowed to discard his charges if, in the next 24 hours after the sanction, he'll be able to provide a registration that proved that he was not in the control of the player.
  • In road race it’s forbidden to play for damage or advantage a specific player. For example, continuously blocking a player in a game.
  • In track race every form of block is allowed.
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