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Track Sprint

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Track Sprint - 25 may 2018


You can see the bracket and make your bracket predictions at https://challonge.com/pcmwc2018sprint

Round 1 start: h 20.45, open room 20.30

  • 5 games are played for each round
  • 7 games are played for gold final
  • Seeding is done on track GC, in case of equal points solo GC and overall GC
  • Player with the lower seed number MUST host games 1, 3, 5 (eventually 7 in final)
  • Player with the higher seed number MUST host games 2, 4
  • If a player didn't show up on Round 1 before 20.45 that player is out of tournament
  • For further rounds organizers will write in discords the pairing after both are qualified. From that moment, if a player didn't show up in game 5 minutes passed the announcement, player is out
  • After 23.30 before a round players involved in the remaining games can ask the postponement of the remaning games to tomorrow
  • If a player can't host a game that player is out of tournament
  • If a player simulates crash to make the other player expelled from tournament pretending he can't host, that player is out of tournament
  • If a player is clearly unable to host because makes the other player lagging too much, that player is out of tournament
  • In all these three cases the decision will be taken by the organization only without a jury vote or a jury involved. A test will be done asking the player involved to hosting a sprint game with an organization member 
  • All rounds will be played even if a player is 3-0 or 4-1 except for finals for gold and bronze medals that will stop at the first clear winner
  • A bronze final is played to determine 3-4 position
  • 5-8 position are determined by the more rounds gained in quarter-final round. In case of same round gained, the major amount of rounds won in the previous round are the discriminant. In case this number is equal, lower seeding number will prevail
  • 9-16 position are determined in the same way considering a 5-0 victory in Round 1 for the member automatically seeded for round 2
  • Every round passed because of a player DSQ or not showing up is considered a 5-0 victory. 
  • If a player is DSQ during the round (Example, game 1 has been played and he can't host game 2), round will be aborted and is considered a 5-0 victory for the non DSQ player
  • Sprints are played with 8-8-8 DB (Team Trials and Sprint)
  • One player per match must report THERE the sprint results. No needed to post screens of all rounds, just keep them in case of controversy. Make a screen of the results ingame (before recap) because, of course, it's different round by round
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