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PCM Gamecenter Project

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Per tutte le comunicazioni online utilizzeremo la Chat del vecchio mondiale che ho ribattezzato Gamecenter nel tentativo di raccogliere lì tutti i giocatori di PCM delle varie community per favorire l'integrazione

La chat la trovate qua https://pcmgamecenter.slack.com/

Se non siete registrati in chat, potete farlo a questo link https://gamecenter-slackin.herokuapp.com/

Dentro la chat ci sarà un canale privato per la gestione del multiplayer italiano a cui sarete invitati

Qua di seguito l'annuncio completo del progetto


Hi all

Yes, you already know me, and if you don't probably you haven't play so much PCM. 

After the petition i am here to talk about the new project I have for the community: the Gamecenter project.

Old PCM players know what the Gamecenter was: a place with a lot of players in which you can talk or find friends to play your games

I want to try to recreate a similar enviroment as today there is no communications between players - meaning that is difficult to organize an online game. 

To do this i used Slack as support, creating the following chat, starting from the previous PCMWC 2016 chat: https://pcmgamecenter.slack.com/

To join the chat you can be invited from a friend that is already in, or get an invite by yourself using this link https://gamecenter-slackin.herokuapp.com/

When you have an account, you can install the app for your device and be connected with all the players https://slack.com/downloads/windows

Project targets are the following
1) Let PCM players have a meeting place for talking between communities
2) Let PCM players have a place in which they can organize their online games, without having to log into the game (and melting down their CPUs)
3) Let the next PCM World Cup organizers have a base of players to start as many players missed the world Cup simply because they don't know that there is one.

Please notice that this is not intended as a PCM Italia project but a project for all communities: I will give moderator powers on the chat to everyone that manage multiplayer in the respective communities

I hope the project will succeed and we can get again a place in which players can meet and organize games together as multiplayer is quite dead.

If you want to be in the project, see you on the other side, then online. 

P.s. Long live Dinli



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