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Disponibile Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Pro Cycling Manager 2022 e Tour de France 2022 sono finalmente disponibili
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ProCyM / CyM5 - PATCH 1.4R


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Arriva la quarta Patch ufficiale per ProCyM e CyM5

Download ---> CLICCA QUI

Patch 1.4R



"Custom Tour" mode : A player can now create his own tour using existing or personal stages


- Casero no longer wears Spanish Champion's jersey

- Additional 3D stages :

Special thanks to the PPDB community (PlakkerNL, Rayden, Ruben-CyMFan, 1michal, Sylvester, zande, Dankan_CYMSpain, Davidov, Tozequio, Markezz, Buddy and Mulligan)

GP de Marseille (PPDB)

Coppa costa degli Etruschi (PPDB)

Ruta a Burgos (PPDB)

GP Méditerranéen (PPDB)

Hew Cyclassics (PPDB)

GP van Drenthe (PPDB)

Vuelta a Aragón (PPDB)

Vuelta ciclista a Mallorca (PPDB)

Vuelta Valenciana (thanks Svam)

Vuelta a Alcobendas (thanks Svam)

Semana a Castilla y León (thanks Binou)

GP del Navarra (thanks Binou)

Coppa Varesine (thanks Tom)

Tour des pyrénnées (only playable in tour or stage mode) (thanks Wawan)


- Season mode playable on LAN or via Internet

- 12 new ladder stages :

gp de lombardie, flèche, italie 7, italie 11, espagne 6, espagne 11, pologne 7, portugal 8, catalogne 4, san sebastian, tirreno 2 et zurich.


- Improvement to AI on arrival after descent on hilly races


Warning : We would advise against databases with riders who have attributes

lower than 50 or above 85. It may provoke strange behaviour in : transfers,

results, selection of leaders, ..... etc

- Correction to bug on consistency of AI riders in career mode. It should make the game more difficult.

- If a rider is promised a given race and then does not obtain it, his morale will drop

- Addition of "Morale" column to "Squad" page

- Correction to display bugs on season ranking page

- Correction to bugs on "Negotiations" page

- Correction to bugs on progress during training

- Corrections to filter on "Search" page

- Correction to some races which had transport costs of 0

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