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Stage 4: Reims - Nancy


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Room creations

At 20.15 CEST at least one member of the team must be present on discord and register the presence of that team for that evening.

At 20.30 CEST the team list for that day will be registered and closed and rooms are made. For room size, see "Divisions paragraphs"


Room Re-enter

When, for whatever reason, a game is reset (for example, following a crash), game must be restarted until 5 minutes after the new room reopening. If one player was not in the room at the moment of the original launch but joins the room after the crash, he has the right to play the game. If a player was in the game at the moment of the reset but does not join the new room before 5 minutes after the crash, the game can be relaunched without him.


Only the organization can postpone games to other date or times. If there are troubles, of any sort, host of the room has to ask the organization explaining motivations. In case of postponements of one stage, the stage will be recovered at 20.00 CEST of the day after or 20.30 CEST if it is a rest day.

Replay and exports

After every race host must send excel exports (for road race) uploading it on Discord

Other players have to make screenshots of the individual (and team, on road) ranking and send on request for complaints. Host have to wait to close the game to let other players take screenshots.

In case of controversial, jury can only decide basing on replay and screenshots. No reclaims are accepted without any material proof.

Competition General Rules

General game-playing rules

  • Each player is free to play as he wants, according to the game’s possibilities, except for the following rules
  • While it’s allowed that player help each other in certain race circumstances (for example, a breakaway), it’s strictly forbidden to team play. In other words, it’s forbidden any kind of help between players, without having advantage to it.
  • It’s forbidden to block an opponent in the last km of a road race.
  • It’s forbidden to block an opponent in the last 500m before an intermediate sprint.
  • In road race it’s forbidden to play for damage or advantage a specific player. For example, continuously blocking a player in a game.
  • It’s forbidden to block an opponent in a key point of the game
  • It’s forbidden to block opponents with a dead rider
  • It’s forbidden to keep your position blocking a faster opponent rider in climbs
  • It's forbidden to attack with more than two riders at the same time (increasing pace with a train is not considered attacking)
  • It's forbidden to make a train with more than 4 men, protection men included.
  • Trains are, on the other hand, free on last 20 Km of the stages, on the classified climbs, in the 5 km before a classified climb and in the 10 Km before the intermediate sprint

Gameplay settings

  • Artificial Intelligence will be set to none. Please notice that this is not possible using local
  • Fall rating will be settled at 0%. We are aware that falls can happen anyway, but we invite all the players to set them at 0% to reduce the risk
  • Variable condition deactivated
  • Bonus/Malus multiplayer deactivated
  • Road Races are played at x1 speed for all the time. People who change it will be sanctioned
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1    Samuel Dumoulin    AG2R La Mondiale    5h01'33    
2    Phil Bauhaus    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
3    Kristoffer Halvorsen    Team INEOS    s.t.    
4    José Joaquin Rojas    Movistar Team    s.t.    Davi
5    Adam Blythe    Lotto Soudal    s.t.    
6    Emanuel Buchmann    BORA - hansgrohe    s.t.    Aquarius97
7    Tiesj Benoot    Lotto Soudal    s.t.    
8    Tony Gallopin    AG2R La Mondiale    s.t.    
9    Elia Viviani    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
10    Matej Mohoric    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
11    Alejandro Valverde    Movistar Team    + 1'15    Davi
12    Chris Froome    Team INEOS    s.t.    
13    Samuel Caldeira    W52 - FC Porto    + 1'43    giusberto
14    Sam Bennett    BORA - hansgrohe    s.t.    Aquarius97
15    Carlos Barbero    Movistar Team    s.t.    Davi
16    Maximilian Schachmann    BORA - hansgrohe    s.t.    Aquarius97
17    Francisco Campos    W52 - FC Porto    s.t.    giusberto
18    Joao Rodrigues    W52 - FC Porto    s.t.    giusberto
19    Enric Mas    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
20    Zdenek Stybar    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
21    Philippe Gilbert    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
22    Julian Alaphilippe    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
23    Angel Sánchez    W52 - FC Porto    s.t.    giusberto
24    Raul Alarcon    W52 - FC Porto    s.t.    giusberto
25    Michal Kwiatkowski    Team INEOS    s.t.    
26    Ben Swift    Team INEOS    s.t.    
27    Jürgen Roelandts    Movistar Team    s.t.    Davi
28    Imanol Erviti    Movistar Team    s.t.    Davi
29    Fabio Jakobsen    Deceuninck - Quick-Step    s.t.    
30    Thomas De Gendt    Lotto Soudal    s.t.    
31    Bjorg Lambrecht    Lotto Soudal    s.t.    
32    Pascal Ackermann    BORA - hansgrohe    s.t.    Aquarius97
33    Caleb Ewan    Lotto Soudal    s.t.    
34    Luke Rowe    Team INEOS    s.t.    
35    Clément Venturini    AG2R La Mondiale    s.t.    
36    Oliver Naesen    AG2R La Mondiale    s.t.    
37    Silvan Dillier    AG2R La Mondiale    s.t.    
38    Sonny Colbrelli    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
39    Marcel Sieberg    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
40    Dylan Van Baarle    Team INEOS    s.t.    
41    Romain Bardet    AG2R La Mondiale    s.t.    
42    Rafael Reis    W52 - FC Porto    + 4'07    giusberto
43    Nairo Quintana    Movistar Team    + 4'29    Davi
44    Damiano Caruso    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
45    Peter Sagan    BORA - hansgrohe    s.t.    Aquarius97
46    Heinrich Haussler    Bahrain - Merida    s.t.    pierociaca
47    Rafal Majka    BORA - hansgrohe    + 6'47    Aquarius97
48    Carl Fredrik Hagen    Lotto Soudal    + 9'52    



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Stage Results

Ag2r La Mondiale    104
Ciaca Pro Cycling    77
Mangiamilapolvere    44
Solipei    25
Mangiamilaverga    19
Guifiti    6
Loser Team    1
ElTotox    0
Stylus Team    0
edobs85Team    0
Team Palaa    0
Fullgass    -28

Overall after Stage 4

Mangiamilapolvere    308
Ag2r La Mondiale    259
Ciaca Pro Cycling    176
Mangiamilaverga    176
Solipei    175
ElTotox    80
Loser Team    54
edobs85Team    30
Guifiti    25
Stylus Team    1
Team Palaa    0
Fullgass    -11

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