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A.S.O. DB For Cycling Manager 2008

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A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3

A package by OlegTinkov and Apocalypse Guy including pretty much everything you need. Is also updated with after-Tour de France stats, names (e.g. Scott - American Beef), banned riders (e.g. Sella) are moved to Free Agents, etc.



- All files are up to date, for example, you will find Michele Scarponi at Serramenti Diquigiovanni, banned riders (like Emanuele Sella) as free riders, Scott-American Beef (mini)shirts, 2008 national champions and so on.

- All 1246 cyclist have realnames, new stats, correct photos, shirts, etc.

- All 23 national teams have correct (mini)shirts.

- All 103 free riders have realnames, new stats, correct photos, etc. (like Dmitri Fofonov and Riccardo Riccò).

- All 64 teams have realnames, logos, minishirts, etc. (like SCOTT-AMERICAN BEEF and Team Garmin-Chipotle).

- 2 Teams added (Cyclingteam Jo Piels and P3 Tranfer - Batavus).

- 3 Teams removed (DHL Author, Team Regiostrom-Senges and Ergomo).

- 19 Manager photos (like E.Breukink and on personal request O.Tinkov).

- 17 Stages added (like Amstel Gold Race and Plan de Corones).

- 238 Faces added (like Alberto Contador and Carlos Sastre).

- Various graphical updates added (like less glow effect and new Spiuk TT Kronus helmet).

- Various jerseys added (like national champion jerseys and team-specific/defualt race leader jerseys).

- And many more (like Astana equipmentbug fixed and black and white selections).


- All 50 track cyclists have realnames, correct photos, shirts, etc.

- 34 Track cyclists added (like R.Ratajczyk and L.Kwiatkowski).

- Olympic style (Olympic Laoshan Velodrome and Track Cursor).

- 2 New track frames (LOOK and Colnago).


Just follow these steps:

- 1. Download the "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3.rar" and save it on your desktop

- 1a. Mirror 1 (PCMdaily)

- 2. Unzip the "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3.rar" on your desktop

- 3. Delete your "Cache" folder, you can do this automatically by running the "Cache emptier for PCM08.exe" (included in the "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3.rar"Wink

- 4. Run the "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3.exe" and follow the instructions.

- 5. Download the "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3.cdb" and put in your C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2008\Database

- 5a. Mirror 1

- 6. Extras:

- 6a. Download "A.S.O.DB 2008 v2.0.2.3 Tour de France Startlist" and put it in your documents (...\Pro Cycling Manager 2008\Import)

- 6a.a. Mirror 1

Download da PCMDAILY (è necessaria la registrazione)

FIX (è necessario scaricare anche questo)

Io l'ho provato, è stupendo... c'è anche Cipollini fra i free-agent. Che ne pensate?

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