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CyM 06 PATCH - Seconda Patch Ufficiale

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Dopo quasi 2 mesi di attesa ecco la seconda patch ufficiale, ovvero la versione

CD version :


Download version :


Questa la cronostoria delle Patch rilasciate fino ad oggi:

Versione Prima Patch Ufficiale

Versione Versione Beta della Seconda Patch Ufficiale

Versione Seconda Patch Ufficiale

Per avere il gioco aggiornato basterà installare unicamente la versione, stesso discorso per chi ha installate le precedenti versioni.

Di seguito fix:


- Possibility to personalise starting list of riders in stage, classic and tour modes (using xml file)

- The patch is delivered with a file enabling the 2006 Tour de France to run with the 176 riders who were present at Strasbourg.

- Update to equipment (1)


- Correction to bug in replies by riders to your offers of contract (1)

- Adjustments to morale when fixing rider status in season 2

- Better revision of budgets when player advances through game with low-level team (enables signature of higher level riders)

- Correction to bug which may prevent direct selection of rider status in season 2

- Possibility to now borrow more money in career mode ( 100 000 to 1 000 000 €) over a longer period (6 – 24 months)

- Correction to display of financial amounts

- Adjustments to AI governing race participation

- Correction to a bug on objectives that counted a green jersey success as a mountain jersey success


- Correction to a ladder bug which could cause a direct return to the Windows desktop when the creator of a game pressed on the "Next" button to choose his stage.

- Correction to bug which prevented a saved game being run with the button "Load (Reset Login)"

Database & Stages

- Update to Brescia Tour & Circuit de l'Ain (1)

- Update to rider attributes (1)

3D Race

- Adjustments to the way an individual time-trial unfolds on a sloped route. The gaps between riders at the finishing post are larger (and therefore more true-to-life).

- Correction to team ranking bug which affected individual time-trials.

- Intermediate times added to individual time-trial (first 60 riders)

- Correction to problem when loading replays.

(1) All that concerns the game's database is taken into account for new games and for databases created on the basis of this patch. Existing databases, created from a version previous to do not include these changes.

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