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Concorso 2005 - EDITOR TAPPE - by Cyanide

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E' di oggi l'ufficializzazione di un concorso indetto da Cyanide rivolto a tutti gli esperti di creazione delle tappe.

Cyanide ha indetto questo concorso al fine di reclutare ragazzi con buone qualità nella realizzazioe delle tappe utilizzando l'editor di Pro Cycling Manager, al termine del concorso una giuria di esperti elleggerà i più bravi e saranno premiati con un gioco a scelta dal catalogo Focus ma la cosa importante è che saranno inseriti nello staff per la realizzazione delle tappe per il prossimo Pro Cycling Manager.

Questo l'annuncio ufficiale riportato sul forum cyanide:

PCM Stage contest 2005

In order to uncover the best stage-designers in the Cycling Manager community, we’re organizing a stage-creation contest.

This contest is open for any Pro Cycling Manager player who is not included in the jury or in the official Cyanide stage-creation team. We invite the PCM communities in different countries to speak about this contest on their various forums.

Participants will have to create 1 mountain stage from one these 4 areas :

1. Dolomites

2. Asturias region of Spain

3. Canton du Valais (you can wander outside the Valais canton to include the Gothard, Nufenenpass or Furkapass but the finish must be in the Valais)

4. "Arrière Pays Niçois" (Nice hinterland)

The length of the stage must be between 150 and 250 kms

Stages where the profile is lifted from a Pro Cycling Manager stage won’t be accepted.

You can choose whether the finish is at altitude or not.

The contest will be close on Friday, 23rd December 2005 @t 12h AM.

Judging of stages :

The jury will be composed by renowned stage creators from the community (Binou, Tom, Wawan) and by members of Cyanide staff.

Each stage will be evaluated and we’ll publish the results in January. Even though judgement will be, in part, subjective we'll try and be as fair as possible. No protests or complaints will be accepted.

We’ll pay particular attention to the following :

- Bends in the climbs (hairpins, variety, not too many bends which will make people dizzy, ..)

- Look of 2D profile

- Summits of climbs

- Use of « isolated buildings »

- Towns and/or villages

- Realism and coherence of your stage (the choice of starting and finish places, choice of the climbs…)

- General rendering of landscape

- Modelling of lakes and/or sea will be appreciated

We’ll penalise the following in stages :

Non-respect of little flat areas (0.5 kms) between a downhill section and a climb.

Too many 3D objects which would overburden the frame rate in the game (too many houses, too many isolated buildings, too many roads...)

Brutal changes of slope due to bad village/town positioning.

Floating objects or objects lying across the road.

Sending your designs :

The contenders must send their designs to the following e-mail address :


A design must be sent as a zip file (.zip or .rar) and include :

The xml file of the stage :

The bmp map –with the same name as the xml file- that you used to create your stage (size: 512*512, 1024*1024 or 2048*2048).

Prizes :

The winner of the contest will choose the game of his choice from the Focus catalogue.

The participants with the best designs will be able to enter the official Cyanide stage-creation team. With stages changing from year-to-year for the major races we have a huge workload so we need to add to our team of heavy weight designers.

Trovate l'annuncio a questo link "]http://www.cyanide-studio.com/forums/viewt...t=44294

Spero che qualche componente della nostra community possa fare un buon lavoro ed avrà il mio supporto nel caso venisse scelto tra i migliori.

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mi attira l'idea, dovrei solo fare qualche ritocco alla cuneo-pinerolo.. va bene anche se non è proprio dolomiti ma comunque alpi italiane?

no irciol segui le indicazioni discritte sopra

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fare una tappa partnedo da delle planimetrie già fatte non è difficile, basta procurarsi le plan. delle salite e inserire i km di pianura o discesa che mancano...ne ho già fatte alcune del giro 2006, ma qui è tutta un altra cosa

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