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  1. leofalandry leofalandry PCMduMardi France Cofidis (my team last year)
  2. leofalandry France PCMduMardi Tour / TTT
  3. Nome steam: leofalandry - Nazionalità : France - Community : PCMduMardi
  4. Cofidis (probably not here but in case i need to fight for the Italian cup)
  5. Vuelta San Juan Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race Trofeo Laigueglia Strade Bianche GP Industrial & Artigianato
  6. leofalandry France PCMduMardi Play with everyone 0 miss me love U Italia
  7. leofalandry France PCMduMardi Cofidis
  8. PCMduMardi-teamA announce that the French player Hush join us for the rest of the World cup team.
  9. Name: leofalandry Nationality: France Competitions: all I can't host or stream
  10. I make appeal about the unrespect of Frabo, you can't tolerate that
  11. I like to play with pcm italia but with this type of person no, so I ask for a sanction for frabo, i think this behaviour is unacceptable. Frabo : "leo you are an idiot" http://prntscr.com/qvah83
  12. Name: leofalandry Nationality: French Competitions: road: inline, classic, tour, itt Track: scratch
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