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    Sagan, Kwiato, Gilbert, PCM :)

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  1. Alepere Spain PCM Spain Inline,Tour,Classics
  2. FDJ comes to Giro dell Apenino to try to stop Vervaecke and Ghosty from beasting and feasting day in and day out
  3. Que hace Pinot wants to join the party here
  4. Alepere Spain PCM Spain mantengo la FDJ, que hace Pinot!
  5. Barcelona confirm the transaction and acquire Brazilian player GuiFiti in a late move.
  6. Team Name: Barcelona 155ers Team Nationality: Spain Team Captain: Alepere, Spain Team Members: Pici11, Migsiemar99, Zapatah99, Aquarius97, Heyibiza, Raulthebest. Tutti spagnoli, seguimos Team Hosts: Alepere, Pici11, Aquarius97
  7. Name: Alepere Nationality: Spain Competitions: All If you can/want to host: Yes If you can/wan to stream games: No
  8. I wanna ask judge to revise this sprint. Nibali closes on Pinot to the right side fences FFFF
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