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  1. You did understand me wrong mate , i said that because i wanted to give a example of how many players showed up on the second chance, that i have seen that with my own eyes and not that i just guessing a number. Somewhere i can understand your decision. But also from my point of view, i think it was possible to make a exception for me and other players. But good your decide, and i accept that
  2. I dont understand this line, can u explain it to me? 'We won't make any exception and the tone of "You don't know what am I" is not good. ' I didn't asked you for a special treatment then somebody else, in my opinion everybody can play still the 2nd chance. Because the 2nd chance is for players who could not make it on the first round. There is the 2nd chance always been for. I just wanted to give some examples from other WC. If other player asked to play for 2nd chance it was also good for me, but it doesnt work when they ask that on the last moment. I dont agree with you emmea, but i accept your decision. Your always been a fair member of the organisation.
  3. No way everybody will come you know that to, i did play a lot of wc in the past and most of the time only 6/7/8 players (for each room) showed up for the second chance . And i dont see other players here who are asking for a spot in the 2nd chance. Also i ask it here on the forum and not on the last moment on the day of the eli ingame. My situation is also different from others, i already said i liked to play on wednesday here in this topic. You said it was not possible to play first round round but the second chance was still a option. Now i'm to late for the 2nd chance ? (that's a very small deadline then). Other players automatically subscribed for the 2nd chance when they lost first round ? (that's also new for me). In my opinion i kinda subscribed then to here in this topic, because i already asked to play before. Yes it's maybe not in the good topic, but the intention is the same.
  4. Yes, i was forgotten to subscribe on time like i said here in this topic. Now i was again looking for the subscription topic for eli and PR, but didn't see it anymore. Sorry i'm not everyday on this forum, i got now more things to do then in the time from other WC. Wednesday is the only day that i can play, so can u please add me in the draws for elimination and PR ?
  5. Where can i subscribe for 2nd change eli ?
  6. I dont think everybody will show up wednesday ? Is it not possible i fill up a player who is not there that day ?
  7. Is there a change that i can play on wednesday: Points race and elimination ? That is the only day i can play this WC I was forgotten to sign in for the World Cup. @emmea90
  8. @emmea90 Do you have the psd file of the hall of fame of the PCM world Cup ?
  9. The world cup is over for my, first i want to thank the staff for the organisation of this event ! I have to say you added some good points for this points like: don't play in the weekend + you can go to the final in first round by winning the game. Imo the World cup takes to long, you can just take 3 weeks for the solo competition and 1 for the team. You can play the second change on same day as next round and play all rounds of team on 1 day. You did a great job, i know it takes a lot of work. Also a big thank you to the other players, i liked to race with you. Also with you @decastiago
  10. Yesterday we started 5 min when 1 player was missing. The first reserve played the game then
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