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  1. SirBoston

    [Groups/Results] Omnium final

    Nice flag Shadow !
  2. SirBoston

    [Groups] Team Keirin 1° Round

    Portugal 2 3-2 Denmark
  3. SirBoston

    [Groups] Team Keirin 1° Round

    Portugal 2 5-0 Spain
  4. SirBoston

    [Groups] Team Keirin 1° Round

    Portugal 2 5-0 France 2 Portugal 2 - 3 Points France 2 - 0 Point
  5. SirBoston

    [Groups] Team ITT 1° Round

    Export ->
  6. Since the group B Road Team topic is blocked, I'll place here Messi's print, which seems to have been ignored inside his dropbox). By a belgian(Messi), not by portuguese... I think it's sad you even consider that we would photoshop, when we sent a reclaim just after the second stage.
  7. We got 2ºplace in 2ºstage btw. More 5 prints to prove it:
  8. Roger that, next time i will take screen in intermediate sprint.
  9. If you go to see the replay, i passed in 3º, but it's okay, np.
  10. I did 2º or 3º in TV in first stage btw.
  11. What happened today at the omnium was kinda ridiculous. First off, i found shadow's attitude to pierociaca (after points race) ridiculous, it's unacceptable to be insulting a player cause he's not playing well. Everybody has the right to play, whether they are good or bad, what really matters is if you have fun. I agree with piero's attitude of leaving the game due to those insults because if it was me i wouldn't stand it either. What I don't agree with is with the changing of the host when Piero actually decided to come back. That obviously benefited french players and detracted all the other ones, before we started the omnium my worst time in 200m (with piero hosting) was 10.164. Link -> With John Vino hosting it obviously benefited the french guys who did the best times, i did 10.180, with a noormal host my time would obviously be better and I would go through a in first place, and straight to the final, with Pierociaca as the host. Overall, I think it's logical that myself and other players were harmed by the chance of host. I agree and support the decision of Pierociaca to leave because of Shadow's behaviour, what I don't agree with is that when he decided to return he didin't want to host, which meant we had to change host, and benefited 4 players out of the 11 that were play playing, putting others into big disadvantages. I hope this situation doesn't repeat again, since it can decide the outcome of an event, just like it happened yesterday and if there is a need to change the host, it's better if it's an external host or a member of the organisation hosting.