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  1. El TotOox France PCMduMardi FDJ / Bahrain / Arkéa / Mercatone Uno. No problem if UAE like the last season.
  2. PCMduMardi B announces the recruitment of Emre (TUR) for the end of the competition to replace AuresK. PCMduMardi B also announces the recruitment of TheUlamog (BEL) for the end of the competition.
  3. Team Name: PCMduMardi A Team Nationality: FR Team Captain: Leofalandry FR Team Members: Leofalandry FR / Gaby FR / Timothé28350 FR / Normandy FR / Yanou FR/ Pierre-Coline FR / Miruribera ESP Team Hosts: Gaby Team Name: PCMduMardi B Team Nationality: FR Team Captain: El TotOox Team Members: El TotOox FR / NobiD10s ESP / Captain Blind FR / AureSK FR / Féfé FR / DanielMiko FR / Ruben NL Team Hosts: El TotOox
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