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  1. WorldDB 2017 - #1 Workshop Database Welcome to the WorldDB 2017, the follow-up to the highly succesful WorldDB 2016 and WorldDB 2017 for Pro Cycling Manager 2016, the PCM community's favourite Workshop databases. Here, we introduce the WorldDB 2017 for Pro Cycling Manager 2017. The database was released on the 16th of June and is currently already the most downloaded and used database on the Steam Workshop. In this thread, you can find out everything you need or want to know about the WorldDB 2017. You can also suggest improvements or changes underneath. If you want to check the patchnotes of every update, these are available in the PCMWorld Discord server, a server with over 500 members after the first two weeks of existence. Current Features *18 World Tour Teams*22 Pro Continental Teams*95 Continental Teams*10 U23 Development Teams*1500 Free Agents*6 Added Races.*Real shirts and names for riders and races.*Realistic attributes for riders, including popularity and potential.*2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Variants for World Tour races.*Fantasy Variants for World Tour races.*2017 National Championship winners.*95 Custom Team sponsors.*Accesoires and NC Shirts for most teams and custom sponsors.*500 real trainers, physicians, scouts. Screenshots Credits
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