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  1. Name: Kingmaker Nationality: French Competitions: ALL If you can/want to host: NO If you can/wan to stream games: NO
  2. Complaint groupe A : Me (sky) , i sprint faster x2 than the (ag2r) and .... 35pt instead of 100pt
  3. Grup H : PCM_World_CUP_2018-Solo-Minitour_Gap_-_Alpe_dHuez.xls 73.19 KB PCM_World_CUP_2018-Solo-Minitour_Megeve_-_La_Salle.xls 64.97 KB PCM_World_CUP_2018-Solo-Minitour_Nevers_-_Belleville.xls 70.54 KB
  4. Some troubles in Group A and rules not respected : - Host put x8 in game - Host insulte - A players (matteoalvisi) plays Lombardia whereas it is not in this grup and he ruined the race .
  5. Name - Kingmaker Nationality - France Competition - All Host - No
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