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  1. Why not do as 99% of stage creators put the zcts-files in the zip-files ?????? It can then be converted to back versions and even to future (if you by any chance should stop playing the game. One never knows) Remember that several old stage-creators have just disappeared from us. Lots of pcm12 & pcm13 works have been lost thanks to they only put the cds and zces files in their zipfiles. If zcts-file had been included their create work could have lived on in new versions of pcm.
  2. Appreciate it mate, best I can do to say thanks enjoy one on me
  3. Cheers mate, STUNNING mate. This was a truly good effort. All in style one could expect from someone like you. Sadly this defunct old race (last in 2009) has almost been forgotten. I however included it in my own DB with great joy. Now I am still running in pcm14 mode but since Cyanide started to mess with their editor lots of old stages have been lost. I fear they will make more changes so I will be bold enough to ask if you could make those zcts-files available to me. I hate the ever growing PC-crashes that eliminate the only places such great stuff is hidden on. Could you see
  4. I had an old version of this race, and this was an improvement. Very nice race around that old city. Since you were kind enough to include the zcts-files I took the liberty of making that famous tower a little more visable. I "merged" Big Ben into the church and now one can clearly see the tower dominating the city. Still high rank on a nice made race. Thanks mate.
  5. Cheers mate,

    I tried to run your old Giro variants (Roma-Milano-2000) in pcm14 mode and it truly needs a bit of upgrade. I got the cds-zces files, but to make a correct upgrade I would be happy to optain your zcts-files. If you still got them. I do hope so since this is really a very good creation. Shame not to have it 100% correct.

    The problems when running it in pcm14 and pcm15 is the business end, where spectators and fences crosses the roads. The issue with not unmarking merge in borders.

    Could I hope you could make the zcts-files available to me ??

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    2. clamel


      Thanks mate,

      I downloaded it and will have a look. An advice to you always keep the zcts files so the hard work can be upgraded to newer versions when needed. So sad to see old very nice creations lost for ever when zcts-files can't be found. This new pcm16 seems not to handle pcm13 and older stages at all. Crashes in most cases, so perhaps only with zcts files those golden oldies can be saved.


    3. Stylus


      Bad news for all the work done! Anyway I keep now all the zcts, unfortunately at the beginning I didn't take care about and I overwritten some of the older. I'm also looking for a places where I can upload all my stages (ztcs too)

    4. clamel


      Why not try the french site LeGruppetto


      They got several very fine stage creator so I believe your work will be appreciated.

      It's french, but if you don't understand it will still be clear. I'm far from good at french, and I enjoythe site.



  6. Nice to see you back Stylus. You made some really great stages in the past. Hope you get back on the horse and produce more of your grand creations mate This is I think your old (very very nice) Giro just updated with some pcm2015 goodies. It has some real jewels in it. This Circ della Vesilia is a beauty, and stands out good enough to add as a single day race in mine DB. Good to put it into a calender as the GP Camaiore (which I believe it is close to) and a good rehearsal on the lovely Italian coast in the spring for the upcoming Strade Bianchi.
  7. Truly some nice stages mate, enjoyd very much the little Giro del Medio Brenta. So far I have not seen this, obly in cdx-files (which I don´t like) My compliments to you and I hope to finish Giro Trentinos last stages....
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