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Quickfix Patch

About This File

We have a quickfix for the following issues :

1. if you did not have already the "Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Database", it'll be automatically created by the game.

2. in career with a custom team, the monthly income was not properly initialized (about 10% of what he should have been).

1. download the file : http://ftp.cyanide-s...pcm2011/PCM.dat

2. browse your "Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2011" folder (the name could change a bit, depending of your language)

3. into "Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2011" folder you should have a file named "PCM.dat". Back-up it (or rename it "_PCM.dat" for instance)

4. put the new PCM.dat into the same "Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2011" folder.

5. launch the game

If you do not play custom team in career or if you already have the "Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Database" folder this fix is useless.

This will not change your game version and will not have other impact.

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