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About This File

Ecco la quarta Patch di PCM 2011. A voi :)

Dovete scaricare a parte questo fix


What's New in Version   See changelog


  • - Adds display of distance ridden for a race which has already begun.
  • - Adds a warning message if a game is launched and the player's TCP/UDP ports are not correctly opened for the PCM2011 application.
  • - Correct problem which prevented Omnium track races to be taken into account by the ladder.
  • - Adds display of profile of the upcoming stage when a game is loaded in stage mode.
  • [CAREER]
  • - Corrects problem whereby world champion did not abandon his jersey in season 2.
  • - Negotiation with a sponsor is no longer possible if the manager has already postponed his answer for one week.
  • - Corrects various problems concerning the creation of a custom team.
  • - AI teams will mainly recruit young riders from regions which interest their sponsors.
  • - fixed: a water carrier follows a team-mate who has just attacked, in order to supply him with water.
  • - fixed : when nobody wants to relay in a group, player's riders who are have received a "Keep Position" order, ride very slowly.
  • - fixed: sometimes the peloton slows down for no apparent reason at the end of a race and the breakaway rider(s) win more easily.
  • - prevent exploit: the player, by assigning a low effort level to a rider under a "Keep Position" order, can block riders behind him.
  • [OTHERS]
  • - Adds the possibility to create a Start List for a race (Options page).
  • - Correct a possible bug in track race trophies.
  • - Tour de France update : several adjustments to rider attributes
  • - Custom databases are now to be found in "\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Database" instead of "\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Users\xxxxxx\Database"

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