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5 files

  1. Nation DB

    Db for playing with national Teams.
    In two version: normal & ladder
    Not for Multiplayer Mode



  2. PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for Patch

    One of the most complete PCM.daily databases ever - that's a fitting description to this Expansion Pack.
    A lot has happened since the first Expansion Pack for Patch For example, we now have a total of 100 teams. We've brought back many of the American and British teams which we know that many of our members like to play with.
    There's also a lot of new races not to mention the c. 50 variants that make a long career worthwhile.
    Obviously, the stats have also been updated among many other changes. Check the full feature list here.
    1. Download this file and open it with uTorrent or similar.
    2. The actual download will start.
    3. When done, run PCMdailyExpansionPack-Patch1300.exe and make sure to install it to your main PCM-folder.
    In Steam, that's probably something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2012.
    In other versions, it's C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Season/Seizonen/Saison or something like that 2012
    4. Open My Documents/Pro Cycling Manager 2012/Database and move PCMdailyExpansionPack-Patch1300.cdb to My Documents/Pro Cycling Manager 2012/Mod/Database. Open the game and choose the database.
    Scaricare i primi sei mirror o il settimo (torrent)



  3. A.S.O.DB 2012

    Topic -> http://www.cycling-m...ge__pid__686296

    Installazione (in inglese)
    0. Install Pro Cycling Manager 2012 + Latest Patch<br style="color: rgb(103, 103, 103); font-family: tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; background-color: rgb(253, 253, 253); "><br style="color: rgb(103, 103, 103); font-family: tahoma, arial, verdana, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; background-color: rgb(253, 253, 253); ">
    0. Install Pro Cycling Manager 2012 + Latest Patch
    1. Open Pro Cycling Manager 2012 and closed it (this will create the Pro Cycling Manager 2012 folder in your documents).
    2. Download the Torrent, and unpack the PCM12ASODB2012.rar on your desktop.
    3. Copy the 8 folders (from 3D to Videos) and paste (overwrite) it in the folder where you installed Pro Cycling Manager 2012 (usually C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2012).
    4. Copy the Local.cdb to ->
    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2012.
    6. Copy the ASODB2012.cdb to ->
    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2012\Mod\Database.
    7. Copy the 14 .xml's (from top_australia to topclas_sanremo) to ->
    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2012\Users\*YourUserName*\Import.
    8. Copy the Career_3 to ->
    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2012\Users\*YourUserName*\Database\Solo\ASODB2012.
    9. Start Pro Cycling Manager 2012 and choose the ASODB12.cdb @ Database/Options, also check if "One texture per rider" is turned on @ Graphics/Options. All other options are personal preferences, that you can customize.
    Database, Local, Stats, Tester, Stages, Cyclist Photos, Sponsorkit, Track Pistes, Accessoires, Mini Jerseys, Equipment Photos, Team Logos, Mini Logos, Race Logos, Staff Logos, Manager Photos, Backgrounds, Temparatures, Country Flags, Scouting Zones, Wheels, Jerseys, Magazine, Autorun, Newspaper, Faces, Variants, Music, Videos, Startlists and more
    (some made one jersey, others made literally hundreds of masterpieces, yet they are all heroes and need to be named)
    Adams55, Alludha, Alo51, altehacke, anderspcm, ANFreeman, arne_vdb, arnomoto, ataofcom, Barto72, Bavo2810, Bikefreak, BoogieBoogie, bottecchia, ByTxT, Cancellara91, canojuancho, Cavendish-Fan, cdelpi, cunego111/1, cyclertom, Dahls, Daniano, Dareun, davidov, Deaddisco, denismenchov08, devnl, dn Son, Dom051, DWB, elfouc, elspartiate, Emenee, ExoiaS, felix_29, Finrod, Francisco, Fus87, Geoffrey, Geraint Thomas, GnrJuul, Grillo, hooliganz, Il Magnifico, Ivan, Jarotu, Jaywol, jccavendish, jelle, Jésus de Nazareth, JMURB, jomo023, Jonaldinho59, Katusha-lotto, kev-poccl, KRCFan , LAge, laidbackmarc, Lampert, lluuiiggii, Maddrengen, Maximka, maxou44, maxteam, mcewen-vélo, Messi, michiucf, miggi133, MolokoDrinker, MrContador, n30k, nickwillem, oentje1, OlegTinkov, Olympus, ozzie68, Pableras, Pantofola di Oro, Petacchi94, Petert87, pikatchuu2008, Pouhnk, Raben, rasm, raz, Ricardopcm, RicardoRmr, rjc_43, RomainM, Sim-eraser, Sinkewitz, Sisse, Speedyfire, Stinooo, Swing59, Syrtaki, tehMalone, the manx express, TheDeksel, Thomazio, Thrige, Tourdedoping, vc_tje_vk94, VDV, Veloman06, Vlek, Will, Will007 and Zweers



  4. DB Nazioni 2012 by CyM.it

    Il DB Nazioni comprende ben 59 squadre nazionali divise fra le tre fasce (World Tour, Professional e Continental) per farvi provare l'emozione di un Mondiale ogni tappa giocata.
    Saranno presenti i migliori corridori al Mondo, da Alberto Contador a Philippe Gilbert, da Mark Cavendish a Fabian Cancellara. Chi sarà la squadra nazionale più forte?
    Possibilità di giocare tappe singole, corse a tappe e nella modalità carriera un'intera stagione.
    Fix V1
    - aggiustamenti valori corridori
    - trasformazione di tutte le maglie a 32bit



  5. Real Names

    Il Pack contiene:
    - Tutti i nomi reali dei corridori, delle squadre e delle corse;
    - Tutti i loghi ed i miniloghi delle squadre e delle corse corretti;
    - Più di 200 nuovi sponsor con maglie, mini-maglie, loghi e miniloghi;
    - Modifiche alle statistiche dei corridori;
    - File Local modificato.
    1. Scaricate il file dal link
    2. Estraete il file .rar
    3. Copiate le cartelle (Gui – 3D) in Disco locale(C:)/Cyanide/Pro Cycling Manager – Stagione 2012
    4. Copiate il file RealNameNoris85.cdb in Documenti/Pro Cycling Manager 2012/Mod/Database
    5. Cancellate il file Local.cdb e anche quello con “l’ondina” in Documenti/Pro Cycling Manager 2012
    6. Copiate il file Local.cdb del Pack in Documenti/Pro Cycling Manager 2012
    7. Avviate il gioco e divertitevi!



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