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  1. First of all, thank you Andrepg for publishing it Secondly, i don't know if Google Translate does correctly the job, but it seems that you're saying that without Italian community work, the FCD couldn't be released. Please do not underestimate Michiel's work : the things you did represent only a small amount of work in this db, and i think that people could have done the job, maybe in a worst way than you, but still relevent. But it doesn't mean that your work isn't great
  2. Hello to everybody. I've for a long time hesitated before posting that, but now i have to do it. I would like to say you that i stop doing this project. It have been now for two years and a half that i began making databases, but now i'm in a situation of burn out, i'm out of order. I don't have any more the strenght to fight, to sacrifice a part of my private life for the FCD. I loved this project. I never did anything better in my life. It makes me grow up, makes me know that i could do good things, and makes me learn many things. I met wonderful people, daizenshu of course, but of course too Michiel, Punky, Niels, Leon40, dozen, Gaz, adiouk and so much other ones. I would like to thank you from the deep of my heart everyone who helped me or who posted a small kind message, which make me happy to do the FCD. I will stop those thanks, i'm crying right now... Sad Michiel will try (he doesn't promise anything) to continue this advendture and replace me. Of course, if you could help him, it would be really cool. I will give him all the work i did, it will be his purpose to use it as well as he could. He'll come by himself to give news of this project if he wants. I will be here at the beginning to help him a bit and explain him what i know. And as far as i'm concerned, i will stay of course in the PCM community. More than a sharing place, it's nearly a family for me. But i will never (at least i believe) lead a such project any more. I will be here as a free lance, to comment, to help doing some jerseys / stages, but i don't want to have as much pressure as i had doing the FCD. I'm so sorry that i couldn't do what i promised this time. But it would have cost me too much physically. If you can't say stop when it become dangerous, you're not an adult. Cheers to all Smile Médé33
  3. Citigroup is american, eurosport is french, lacoste is french ! Hope it can be useful
  4. For the shirts, i don't really know if it's useful to make them private. Because i need also shirts, and i will ask them on PCM France and Daily, and if you don't publish your work, there is a risk that those shirts could be done twice, which is of course useless.
  5. Hello Alluddha, is there a possiblity that you could give me the psd of your shirts ? It would be to make nc's jerseys, i will maybe have 2 weeks without internet and i would like to have something to do, maybe i'll produce jerseys (of course with your signature, i'm not a robber )
  6. You should have a look into FCD, i'm sure you'll find what you need. Don't hesitate to use this work, also with what is written in DYN_sponsor and DYN_sponsor_regions, it will make you gain time There are many good kits, and you'll surely find your 200 sponsors. If you need them without plis, i can give you what i did, i spent the 3 last days removing most of the plis (this part is still not finished as i'm waiting for some work of Dozen, tpinot and Sean Kelly )
  7. The jersey of Tusnad is in the FCD 13, but it's not HD, you should do it
  8. Yes but for races of retired stagemakers who didn't published their zcts, you can use them without conversions
  9. Yes, like Emmea said of course, it's the end of july, not 1st of july I would be a genius if i could acchieve that for tomorrow... Good luck for your project and thanks for your kinds words. Of course i will include your good work on italian teams in the db
  10. Not really. You can re-use 2013 and 2012 NC's of PCM 2013, since the conversion doesn't seem to be needed this year
  11. Aggiornato all'11/07/2014 French Community Database - PCM14 Features Cyclists 4368 cyclists (1706 free agents) Real Names Updated Popularities Updated Potentials Real skin for coloured riders. More than 120 real faces for biggest riders Updated sizes and weights Updated National Champions (at 01/01/2014, the date when you start a career). Favourite races for biggest riders Teams 192 Teams Updated rosters (at 01/06/2014) Updates names HD Graphs only for all teams Sponsor asks for each team Sponsor history for each team Sponsors 351 fantasy sponsors HD graphs (many accessories and champion/leader jerseys) Sponsor preferencies for each sponsor Appropriate nationality and fame for each sponsor Palmares Complete palmares, updated for the 2013 year Races Complete UCI calender ! Complete WT, .HC, .1 and, .2 calendar. WT races have their own newspaper 2014 routes for the biggests races Misc Real Staff (768 coaches, 245 scouts, 337 physicians) Update and HD graphs for National Teams All minishirts are official model's ones 48 track cyclists, updated 2014 pictures for many riders Real name for journalists More realistics programs 126 scoutable countries, from all around the world New Flags Credits in the game Updated classifications files Updated Sponsorkits (30 races!), with real sponsors for biggest races New podiums New autorun New tracks (Jazz sounds from PCM2006) Smile Teamlist Download: Part 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!UZNwwZJK!YoQB8MwJed-2i2RNnnwGG-QQAMMu7-HchefmEO59FSo Part 2: https://mega.co.nz/#!IJszARrI!Y3CLM_kgadtTgDFz289uwB9HCLtd5i1W_sjn9c_ffhE Part 3: https://mega.co.nz/#!JNlWRLrB!y8ZNfrZniCLVbU8TEFVfzECdkowv9harP_RF_d16Fmc Part 4: https://mega.co.nz/#!BMsggTgL!tMIdp0FbJFuR5twoN1x6lJY3oK3GLBHEvY0xflqDKQs Part 5: https://mega.co.nz/#!FFsC1bBa!OOw_yjsuteUXgHfNGxKa8h9jQrbBQIKhyD0LXPzmpiA Part 6: https://mega.co.nz/#!cQl3zCSD!_GufEhotWy3PvPVPFgTktyD2qLT6_Y58Qh-CC4BgcJs Part 7: https://mega.co.nz/#!MBVS1aIT!OAc_pZ5-63VCSGBkvOGZLwELsO7o_PnCIvv48leZtjg Part 8: https://mega.co.nz/#!8EcmnJbQ!IRRbsiz8oS4E2bypf0dTDeTseo2wj5DSnqu4nXIGVSY Part 9: https://mega.co.nz/#!sQ8zgS7C!zR8DCyqVcHgyslVF2COUK9FHFIu-uYvGs3MOlZ1hh-4 NOTE: An add-on which contains the Jacky Durands Sponsorkit will come this evening or tomorrow morning as an add-on. You don't need it to play with it but is an good extra to your game. (4GB downloading size) Credits Fix V1.B: Time for a little fix: - Cya World Tour -> World Tour - Flag corrections https://mega.co.nz/#!cV0SRYBR!DvgL-bNNj-zK6CNE3DPtBTPx2Re3lCxDplYudG_pipk Copy paste it in the database folder in my documents. : Pro Cycling Manager/Mod/Database Local in document folder : Pro Cycling Manager And time for the add-on which contains Jacky Durands Sponsorkits: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZRUjFJbB!f2cIGA-PAYha6OkoAgcViSvzOZz6gFScazWbhY_pBks ENJOY! IMPROTANTE: COME ENTRARE SU MEGA Alcuni di voi avranno notato che non si può entrare su mega, poiché è stato oscurato in Italia. Non è comunque considerata pirateria accedervi e scaricare da esso, ecco quindi come potete entrarci normalmente.
  12. FCDS 2014 : Update from 1.1 to 1.2 ! https://mega.co.nz/#!UA0nQBYI!VThUTAGAA6CvEGxlOUcRhIMNgpwUBJk-sUFu8KtPP4g The 1.1 version of this db is necessary before installing this update ! What this update contents : -Big correction of the stats -Rosters correction -Many real size/weights were added -Update of the National Champions. All is up to date at the 01/01/2014 -Correction of the faces bug (they didn't appear in game) -Correction of a crash linked to shoes. There shouldn't be any more crash now -We replace some cdx by real stages (for TDF mostly) -Correction of the bug of the 4th stage of Paris Nice -Add of NC champions, neutral ones and team ones -Update of 4 minishirts -Correction of the classification of the giro -Add of credits in game -Correction of the bug of the Singapour flag -Add of the history of a team in the sponsor menu Enjoy ! PS : If you have suggestions on stats, it's here ! http://pcmfrance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=218456#p218456
  13. Yes, it seams you installed the db in the wrong folder !
  14. Here is the db i promised !!! Packs Variants : Part 1 : https://mega.co.nz/#!FEMGhRpC!3bs0lKAjc6rju_9t85Y7UbITgDtH1q9aBbNCJT2Of4c Part 2 : https://mega.co.nz/#!dVU2Ba5a!wIobMMt0SopdTaf5xKTdS_fOCX_JejA_nE7W08ryL1A Part 3 : https://mega.co.nz/#!ZJtQARKC!Lzza7P2BBsdO0rL45G5RAVMIYIHBdExFm8ZbQSdngyM DB : Part 1 : https://mega.co.nz/#!QVV20TiZ!gxUbex5JykbDuwHNr6OUMV1L9gTr9cAMoJcbN_F7qp0 Part 2 : https://mega.co.nz/#!wE8SjQgI!OKfVgRY_PWG3Vqx2KOK2E8KilPucJMUB_gzBWedjQlg Part 3 : https://mega.co.nz/#!EAkmSDSQ!5R2OmTAsPhc3GhjSAoFylOWgkyIYanq2Xf7kI2LWdyw Part 4 : https://mega.co.nz/#!xRNS0ZgQ!iKbQli6e3QPW3r29BPxiGE3L79I8I2csBxJ7euF9XkA Part 5 : https://mega.co.nz/#!4R9DkLwT!M979RIOYbHyjKOuwCCQ15n4EGap9Xe25zwloLz2PAfU You will find into your game two cdb files. One (the full) contains palmares from 2004 to 2013, the other (the Light), contains palmares from 2010 to 2013. Of course, the first one is a bit slower into the game. The choice is for you ! Be careful : as the deadline was a bit too short, we still need to work on some points. Stats are not optimal for smaller teams, so you can help us here : http://pcmfrance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=3797&p=210320#p210320 . Three minishirts (Meridiana, 5 Hour Energy and Leopard Development Team) are those of 2013 while the shirts in game are 2014 ones. Some accessories are missing for some continental teams. Also some "rankings" are missing for few riders, and palmares is still in construction (but it's already really big. Some cdx are missing also for Giro d'Italia, and i have to make some ones for Paris Nice, Tour de Suisse and Tour de France in later updates so that you could have 2014 routes. Finally, credits are not up to date, may all PCM designers forgive me :redface: Thank you for tell me every bug and every suggestion that you have so that i can correct them fastly. A first update will be released within 2 weeks, and will correct all the problems mentioned above Enjoy ! PS : a feature list will be made as soon as possible
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