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Disponibile Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 e Tour de France 2021sono finalmente disponibili
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La nostra RECENSIONE di Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Leggi e guarda la nostra recensione di Pro Cycling Manager 2020, a cura di BubbaDJ
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About This File


- Fix: national jerseys did not necessarily match during the world championships.

- Fix: recording of yearly rankings visible on the stats page no longer worked.

- Fix: prevent a crash which could occur with badly populated custom databases.


- Feature: addition of energy management with impact on performance levels.

- Feature: addition of rider contracts

- Improvement: date added for accomplishment of an Achievement.

- Fix: accomplished Achievements remain displayed with the "success" pictogram.

- Fix: when a player parted with a duplicate card, the remaining rider card(s) were shifted to another position/page.

- Fix: once a collection of team rider cards is completed, the Team pack "Buy" button is immediately replaced by "100%" (without requirement to reconnect).


- Fix: it is now possible to place route variants into the « My Documents » (Pro Cycling Manager 2012\Mod\Stages) directory rather than in CM_Stages


- Update: New route for the 2012 Lombardia

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