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About This File


contiene anche la prima patch, quindi vi basta installare direttamente questa

Update # 2 (


- Major fix: Correction to bug introduced in V1.1.0.1 which made unseen changes to rider attributes generating unrealistic behaviour and results. This fix does not require the restart of a career; it is applied when you continue an existing game.


- Fix: fixed a little road problem on the Italian Championships race.

Update # 1 (


- Fix: slow down refresh of the display of the time-gap between two riders (the gap displayed at the request of the player plus gaps between groups). It was updating too often.

- Fix: removed a rare case of a crash during a sprint.

- Fix: eliminate the overlap between spectators and vehicles, barriers and other roadside objects by preventing vehicles from driving on the sides of the road.

- Fix: prevent one case of disruption of sprint train; some AI riders, charged with leading-out their sprinter in the final sprint, halted their effort far too early.

- Fix: moving through the peloton via the mouse wheel was too slow

- Adjustment: decreased risk of overlap between vehicles and riders.

- Adjustment: decreased the number of AI riders likely to adopt the Effort Cursor action on a cobblestone surface in order to harden the race. Only very good riders can now do so.


- Major fix: Generation of team schedules from season 2

- Major fix: solved the problem of incomplete AI teams at world championships

- Fix: Eliminated possible crash when clicking on a news item for a pre-season training camp.

- Fix: removed the possibility of riders taking part in races when they are in training.

- Fix: When booking training camps, some riders were not greyed-out in the interface even if they were engaged in a race.

- Fix: Eliminated possible crash when a schedule is empty.

- Fix: fixed the problem of wrong riders being selected for the rider of the year award (Cyanide Trophy)

- Fix: In very advanced careers, sponsors return after a period of withdrawal.

- Enhancement: Sponsors may request category ".2" races in their objectives

- Addition: The interface now displays riders with an "at training camp" status.


- Fix: equipment selected for track mode was not taken into account

- Fix: the interface for "pre-race" orders in detailed simulation mode was not available

- Fix: Alignments on the stage information page.

- Fixed: Results page in track modes

- Change: Change of the background image in Track mode.

- Change: Update background images during race loading + integration of the grand tours logos.


- Added: Opening of the Armada multiplayer mode

[graphic design]

- Improved: Better rendering of the faces of generic riders.


- Major fix: The following races caused a crash in 3D and detailed simulation modes: USA championships., USA championships time-trial, Ronde van West-Vlaanderen, Tour Franco-Belge.

- Fix: fixed a road problem on stage 4 of the GP Méditerranéen.


- Added: Updated some missing strings (Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Hungarian)


- Adjustment: numerous adjustments to attributes.

- Modified: BigMat - Auber93 is now called "Auber93" (+ update logos / mini jersey).

- Fix: some rider images were not displayed correctly.

- Fix: update to sponsor territories, solving some of the problems associated with incoherent objectives.

- Adjustment: updated race dates for Supergiro and Tour de France.


- Fix: possible crash when launching a detailed simulation of a time-trial

- Fix: graphic auto configuration message on first launch.

- Fix: AltGr + V creating a Control-V for the Hungarian version (to allow use of @ sign)

- Update: GPU database for game auto configuration.

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