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Track Points Race - Final

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Track - Points Race - Final - 16 may 2018


pollitelli    BEL
AndySchleck94    FRA
Floxing    FRA
gesink31    FRA
JohnVino    FRA
Kingmaker    FRA
LuxASchleck    FRA
Shadow    FRA
Slomy    FRA
Davi    ITA
guilherme    POR
josepereira    POR
Tomas14    POR
LuckyNovik    RUS
Alepere    SPA
Host: Emmea90 (external)


Waterblast    DEN
Dennis1107    ITA
TheRedMan88    FRA
CypRiF    FRA
EmperorofPau    ITA
Mendez    SPA
goga2159    RUS
Luon    FRA
TheSim    BEL
Dinli    POR
Nvdb    BEL
guifiti123    BRA
Jimski    NED
HoOliCoOlS    FRA
Aquarius97    SPA

Open room 20.30 CEST, start game 20.45 CEST

One round

Before the game

  • People in yellows are the hosts
  • Hosts must open the room at 20.30 CEST with name "PCMWC Pts Race - Group X" and pass "pcmwc"
  • If at 20.35 CEST room is not open, the second listed member of the group will open a room instead of the host
  • If host came in this instance of time, all the people in that room will move in the group of the host
  • If at 20.40 CEST room is not open, contact an organizer (emmea90, Davi, Pierociaca, Matthorse) on Discord Server
  • Host have to set easy IA and choose the 10-10-10 db
  • At 20.45 CEST host will count the number of people present at that moment in the room and will recreate the game with the same number of teams to play without IA leaving a team for streamer 
  • Host and players must take note of teams used
  • If someone won't show up, reserves, in order, wil take group from smaller (in number) to bigger

During the game

  • In case of a crash of a player, follow the rules about crash
  • Players must take their rider

After the game

  • Host must gave everyone the time to take screens of the results
  • In case screen of the results is not coherent with ingame screen, result screen is the one that matters
  • Players should not quit after the game to let the host take the export with their name in it
  • Host must send all the export file uploading them there (using forum attachments function) 

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Waterblast played as #1 reserve as Slomy was not ingame at 20.50



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Points Race - Results

GOLD    guilherme    POR    12
SILVER    Shadow    FRA    12
BRONZE    gesink31    FRA    9
4    Davi    ITA    9
5    josepereira    POR    6
6    Tomas14    POR    6
7    pollitelli    BEL    6
8    Kingmaker    FRA    6
9    LuxASchleck    FRA    5
10    Floxing    FRA    4
11    Alepere    SPA    2
12    AndySchleck94    FRA    0
13    JohnVino    FRA    0
14    LuckyNovik    RUS    0
15    Waterblast    DEN    0


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