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[Group/Results] Team Road Final

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• The host will be chosen by the organization.

 Every player must join the chat slack, in the channel of his group.

• To enter in your room, you must know the nickname of your host and you should ask him about the password of the room (in game chat or slack).

• Rooms are created 15 minutes before the official starting time, 21:00 CEST.

• If you have an error or bug in the first 30km's, inform your host in your in game chat or in slack. 3 restarts (max) are possible for each player.

• During the game and when it finishes, please take a printscreen of the individual classification of the stage and the intermediate sprints (mountain and sprint).The host of your group will be responsible for this. However, we advise all players to take screenshots because, obviously, the host can forget to take them. And without a valid image, the organization will presume that the stage was not played.

 The host will start as soon as the ia will be detached from the rest of the group and all the human riders will be in the first group.

• If anyone breaks a rule, take a screenshot and contact the organization.

• If you have any doubt contact the organizers.



• You should use the official database for this event and the Local with “very easy” level, you can find them in the download section.

• Speed of the Race: x1

• Difficulty Level: very easy

• Passive AI: Yes

• Sensations: Turned off

• Varying Conditions: Turned off

• Create the game at the official time 20:45 (CEST).

• Choose the correct stage.

• Choose a password and send it to every player from your group.

 Give the start when the IA lost contact from the group and all the human riders are in the first group.

• When the game starts, check the chat and your group's topic/chat slack so that you know if anyone bugged. In case that happens, restart the race. 

• When the game finishes, don’t click continue immediately. This way every member can take screenshots. 

 You have to take screenshots of: best human riders of each user of the stage, intermediate sprints (sprint and mountain). You should post the screenshots on your group's topic.


Points for the classification of the stage

100 points

70 points

50 points

35 points

25 points

18 points

10 points

5 points

2 points

1 point



10 points

5 points

3 points


HC Climbs

10 points

7 points

5 points

2 points

1 point


1^ cat climbs

8 points

5 points

2 points

1 point


2^ cat climbs

5 points

2 points

1 point


3^ cat climbs

2 points

1 point


4^ cat climbs

1 point


If a stage has 2nd or higher mountain finish arrive, points generated from the finish climb are doubled.


Note 1: All human riders count.

Note 2: IA counts for intermediate sprints

Note 3: IA doesn’t count for th classification of the stage

Note 4: The min/max players required by each team to play is 3


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Points in GC

Belgium 500
Portugal 1 300
France 1 250
France 2 180
Italy 125
Spain 90
Portugal 2 0
Denmark 0
Netherlands 0
Germany 0

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