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Template grafici

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Ecco i template di PCM 13, ora in HD e quindi con risoluzione doppia rispetto ai precedenti. 






_Maillot (910x626 px)










_Bottle (234x256 px)




_Corsair (512x200 px)




_Gloves (400x512 px)






Download (by anderspcm)

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_Handles (512x398 px)




_Leggings (512x316 px)




_Shoes (624x256 px)




_Socks (388x82 px)




_Transfert_ar (138x92 px)




_Transfert_av (158x104 px)



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Telai (KenL)


Minimaglia (anderspcm)


Maglia di campione nazionale tricolore (fcancellara)



Campioni mondiali (Will07)


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Click on the image to download the template

Any feedback is welcome to improve it !


Template's description :


This template will allow you to make your minishirts more beautiful with new stitchings and some special shapes to harmonize the whole. It's a psd file, that you can use on Photoshop, with 18 layers. This file have a size of 512*512, it means two times the origianl one so you can have the best possible quality. Here is a description of all the layers.

-2 work base : one is the official published by Veloman06 and Emenee, the othe one is a new base with new shapes (Screen 1 )

-2 plis templates : one is the official, published by Veloman06 and Emenee. The other is made with a zipper, published by AndersPCM. Be careful : it is mandatory that the plis are in two layers : one in multiply and one in color burn. You can choose to have the 2 same plis or 2 differents ones, it doesn't matter. You can decrease the opacity if you want.

-2 layers of stitchings for the work base n°1. One of this layer has stitchings of 2 pixels, the other has stitchings of 1 pixel. (Screen 2 )

-4 layers of stitchings for the work base n°2. Two of them are basic stitchings, of 1 and 2 pixels (Screen 3 ). The two others are optionnals, and you can add them to the firsts ones. Here also, it's stitchings of 1 and 2 pixels (Screen 4 )

-2 layers of stitching for the lower of the shirt. They may be used with all work bases. One is only one stitching, the other consists in several (Screen 5 )

-2 layers of stitchings for the collar. One between the front and the back, the other between inside and outside (Screen 6 )

-1 layer of line for the collar. It allow you to underate a bit more the difference between the front and the back of the collar

-1 layer of a shape to separate the collar into 2 color parts (Screen 7 )

-2 layers of shapes to separate the collar into 3 color parts (Screen 8 )



A large tip will follow to help you to use this template. I'll translate it in english when the french version of this tip will be finished. You can follow it here : http://pcmfrance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=153&t=3169


Credits :


Base n°1, plis without zipper : Veloman06, Emenee

Plis with zipper : AndersPCM

Other layers, presentation of the template : Médé33


Screens :

Those screens are only a small thing of what this template can do. To see the whole possibilities, try it !

















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Here is the my version of the 2014 minishirt model, originally made by Emenee. 


I've made a lot of changes to the model, here are some of them: 

Modified the minishirt so it is in the correct size for PCM13.

Changed the model, so the texture and shapes on both sides are the same.

Improved the quality of the actual template(original was a bit edgy)

Premade the most common shapes of a jersey with stitchings.






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