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Disponibile Pro Cycling Manager 2021

Pro Cycling Manager 2021 e Tour de France 2021sono finalmente disponibili
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La nostra RECENSIONE di Pro Cycling Manager 2020

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PCM 2019 World Championships - Subscriptions

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  • Name: zigakiller 
  • Nationality: Slovenia
  • Competitions:
    Road Solo Classics
    Road Solo Tour 
    Road Solo Inline
    Road Solo ITT
    Road Solo TTT
  • If you can/want to host
    I can, but im not sure because i dont have the best internet connection 
  • If you can/wan to stream games 
    I dont.
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12 hours ago, emmea90 said:


PCM 2019 World Championships - Community Cup - Solo Subscriptions

This is the topic for PCM 2019 World Championships - Community Cup solo subscriptions. Read carefully before subscribing.

To subscribe to the PCM 2019 World Championships - Community Cup solo games you have to post here in a post

  • Your name
  • Your nationality
  • Race in which you subscribed for
  • If you can host

Subscriptions will close on saturday, april 11, 23.59

After that day considering the number of users subscribed, we may open the subscriptions for the second chances only or we can decide that there won't be second chances because there are too many players subscribed.

Remember, after subscribing, to join our discord chat for PCM World Cup and optionally follow Facebook and Twitter page

  • Name: Luon
  • Nationality: French
  • Competitions:  All Competition 
  • I can Host
  •  I don't stream
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Name: Tychotte

Nationality: Dutch (The Netherlands)

Competitions: Road: Inline, ITT, Tour and Classics

                          Track: I won't participate in Track races

Host: No

Stream: No

Edited by Tycheau
Clarifying things
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  • Name: Burgerstein (last year in world champs my pcm name was Burgios)
  • Nationality: Czech
  • Competitions: all road + scratch, elimination, points
  • If you can/want to host : possibly yes, but i think there are people with much strongeer internet than me
  • If you can/wan to stream games: no
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Name : MGC2581

Nationality French

Competitions all races road

If you can/want to host: No

if you can/wan to stream games: No

Edited by MGC
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